Erienne Malistaire
This school best be good
Sun Apr 6, 2014 01:48

Letting out a sigh, the forging girl pushed herself out of bed and sulked over to the window. The sun shinning down on her face. Today was the day she started at Rocky Mountain International. A school that was, apparently, underground in Colorado. She didn’t even know where the state was? Was it close to her new home? She didn’t care either way.

Her blue eyes gazed coldly at her elder sister as she sat down at the table. She was miserable here, why couldn’t they see? She’d dreamed about going to Hogwarts her whole life. At least her sister could give her some pointers. Her sister had gone there for seven years, just graduating this past spring. America was so… strange. She missed London, she missed [i]home[/i]. Why couldn’t they see she didn’t want to go too this place. Her fists clentched under the table.

“Mummy, Daddy, can I go over to Sammy’s house to be ported to this place?” she asked in a sickening sweet voice. “She’s the only friend I’ll have prior to going.” if Dad hadn’t been moved I’d know at least three other witches, not counting Sammy.

“Of course, dear.” Her mum said with hard eyes. “I hope the Knowles haven’t been filling your head with lies.”

“Don’t worry, I know Mudbloods and Half-bloods are horrible creatures.” Her voice sounded like she was forcing the words.

“Be sure to look presentable by 5:50—we’ll be coming over to see you off.”

Resisting a roll of her eyes she played around with her breakfast, taking small bites. Soon she was dismissed and ran to her room. She threw on some casual cloths and everything she could possibly need for the school year.

Hours later, and a few make-up mess ups, she was ready. She smiled at Sammy. At least she had her best friend with her. Nothing could go wrong this year, right? Nothing. They’d end up together, for sure. Flicking her hair over her shoulder she jumped off Sammy’s bed.

She’d hardly spoken, however. She just wanted to enjoy being with her friend, the last day they might not be separated by barriers. She didn’t know what RMI was like but she suspected it was like Hogwarts. One House that none of the other houses liked.

“You ready, Sammy?” she smiled an took her friends hand before they made their way to the living room, their dream catchers starting to grow warm. “I hope this school is just as good as Hogwarts.” She grumbled, not meaning for anyone else to hear her. Of course, Sammy did hear and did respond, but Erin wasn’t actually paying attention.

“You two look wonderful.” Mrs. Knowles said with a giant smile. “Make new friends and stay together, no matter what.”

Erin found herself nodding. As Sammy went over to her dad, Mrs. Knowles came over to her and gave her a hug. “Take care of my Sammy, Erin.” She whispered while giving a hug.

Five minutes later, good-byes where finished and it was time for them to leave. At the last minute, right before they touched their dream ceatchers, Erin let go of Sammy’s hand, seconds past before they landed at the school, Sammy clear on the other side. Letting out a soft sigh, Erin turned away from her friend only to bump into someone. “Sorry.” The eleven year old grumbled, her British Accent clear as day.

She ignored the Deputy Head’s speech, noticing that most of the other students didn’t feel very well. Once people started moving their stuff to the side, she fallowed their leader. She wanted to talk to Sammy, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. She didn’t know if she’d ever be forgiven for letting go of her hand at such a terrifying moment, but she did know they probably wouldn’t be as close here. They might be sorted into different houses and then they’d drift apart.

Tears sprang to her eyes but she ignored them and moved to a table, putting some lesagina on her plate, her stomach churning. I’m not hungry, why’d I just take food? She didn’t notice someone walking up and sitting next to her.W

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        • No need to hope!Linden, Mon Apr 7 14:54
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    • This school best be good — Erienne Malistaire, Sun Apr 6 01:48
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