Linden Wrey
Starting on a fresh slate
Sun Apr 6, 2014 03:48

"But mum, it's not fair ," Protested the dark-skinned girl, scampering at the heels of her mother in her stripes tights in keep the same pace. Stopping for breath, the girl straightened herself and scowled at the back of her disappearing mother.

"You know it's not fair!" She shouted across to her, the sound echoing in the large corridor of the Damon Estate. Hot tears blurred her vision as they threatened to fall, her fists were clenched and all her muscles were tight. Her mother stopped immediately at her daughter's last taunt and whirled round, sweeping the red fabric of her dress by doing so.

"Enough, Linden," Her mother said, voice physically tired of the previous shouting match they had had upstairs. "Please just go get ready..."

Linden gave one final huff of defiance before stalking up to her room. Slamming the oak door behind her, Linden let herself fall onto her bed and she was eaten up by the orange silk. The eleven year old just felt so angry! The fight was a losing battle, yes, but if her older sister couldn't fight for herself, Linden would always quickly step up to take her place. There was a time when Pamela had been the one protecting Linden and her brother Christopher, but Pam just looked so exhausted after this summer. Unlike the other holidays, were everyone was awkward and silent around each other, these past weeks had been nothing but barking at other and heated argument after the next. It didn't help that Pam was expecting her next cycle soon and Oliver said he'd just lock her in the dungeon. It's bad enough that they had a dungeon.

Deciding she wasn't going to let herself drown in self-pity, Linden got out of her bed and decided to clean her self up in the long mirror. Her outfit had already been decided: orange, pink and red stripes tights; dark demin shorts; her pink top (sleeves rolled up of course) and her bomber jacket. Linden still didn't know if everything matched or not, but at the moment, she really couldn't care less. Her trunk had been packed days before, so Linden put on her big black clunky hiking boots and went into her sister's room.

Pam was sleeping, she seemed to be doing a lot of that recently and she was curled in a ball in her bed, the fire roaring beside her. Linden slowly sat on the bed, not wanting to disturb her, before lying next to her. Her sister looked hot and her forehead was sweaty, but she, unlike normally, was only wearing a plain white t-shirt and some jeans. A fever? Her dark hair matched Linden's but the grey streak seemed to be more predominant lately, Linden didn't want to say, but it seemed to be getting bigger. Linden sighed sadly at the sight if her sister, all life was being taken out of her, Linden knew that female werewolves were rarer, because biologically speaking by the majority, men were stronger then women, but Pam was tough and she could get through this, but sometimes it scared Linden. The bags under her sister's eyes were getting darker, she was sleeping more and she was only getting thinner, it was horrible to watch her sister deteriorate like this.

"Linden? It's time, honey," Called her mother, having cooled down from the fight. Linden kissed her sister's forehead, murmured a goodbye in her ear and composed herself. Skipping down stairs, she put on her bright smile, not wanting to leave her mum on a bad note. Downstairs, waiting was her family. Oliver Damon, her step-father and owner of the Damon Estate, her mother, Christopher, her older brother who was in his second year at RMI and Lucy, her step-sister who was a year younger than herself.

After a few tediously awkward goodbyes, Linden hugged Christopher and the house elves handed her her trunk and she slid on her orange backpack. Touching the dream catcher Linden felt the gravity shift...

"Woo!" Linden said, landing on the ground, used to port keying after visiting many of Oliver's friends balls that way. Her bright smile held, looking around her environment. Leaving her trunk to the side, Linden was one of the first to enter the Diner and quickly grabbing some pasta and pesto to eat, she sat down happily, forgetting about the summer and munched happily, going through her fellow first years one by one. Wandering which ones she'd be friends with, which ones would be smart, or sporty, or funny... Sitting down next to a student, she smiled at them.

"Hi, I'm Linden," She said eating more of her pasta "Can you believe we're finally here?"

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    • Awesome-sauce!Crystal Glause, Sun Apr 6 16:08
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    • Starting on a fresh slate — Linden Wrey, Sun Apr 6 03:48
      • Hoping for the bestSamantha Knowles, Sun Apr 6 10:42
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        • No need to hope!Linden, Mon Apr 7 14:54
          “No, not at all. It’s quite different than I expected. I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” Linden nodded, chewing on her meal. She supposed that she personally had Pam's and Chris' stories to go... more
          • Excellent!Samantha Knowles, Tue Apr 8 14:23
            Sam sat quietly for a moment, trying to figure out which of Linden’s questions to answer first. She was glad to have someone to talk to without having had to introduce herself. If she and Erin ever... more
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            • I dunno, it would be funny!Prior Forbs, Wed Apr 9 20:50
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