Samantha Knowles
Hoping for the best
Sun Apr 6, 2014 10:42

Samantha Knowles sighed as she stared down at her oatmeal. Today was the day she’d be going to RMI, and she just couldn’t seem to shake off her nerves. In an attempt to make it look like she’d eaten more, Sam pushed the oatmeal around in her bowl. She felt a heavy hand fall upon her shoulder. Her blue eyes flicked up to rest on the face of her father who was smiling gently down at her.

“It’s okay to be nervous, you know,” he said. “But I know that you’ll have a great time. You’ll make new friends and of course you’ll have Erin with you.”

Sam nodded. “I hope so… but what if we end up in different houses? We always say we’re going to stick together but what if we don’t?” Her voice was barely above a whisper. She didn’t want her fears to be heard by anyone but her father.

Sam’s father rubbed his face before kneeling down so that he was at her eye level. “If you don’t stick together it won’t be because of the houses,” he said. “Some of my best friends were in other houses at Hogwarts. Sure, we had different personalities, but our differences complimented each other. You and Erin have been good friends for so long and I hope it will continue that way. But don’t be restricted to just one good friend. Hogwarts was where you found your true friends, and I’m sure RMI will be the same.”

Hugging her father tightly, she whispered her thanks in his ear.
“Sammy!” Her mother called from the other room. “Erin’s here!”

After giving her father a quick thumbs up, Sam ran to greet her friend. The move from London had been much harder on Erin (though she hadn’t admitted it out loud), so her moods had been fluctuating ever since they had gotten to New York. Sam could tell she was in one of those moods today, so she kept her speaking to a minimum; Erin wasn’t paying attention anyways. As Erin fiddled with her newly acquired makeup, Sam picked at the ends of her blonde hair.

Finally, it was time to leave. After tearful goodbyes from her parents, Sam and Erin stood in front of their dream catchers. The two girls joined hands so that they wouldn’t be separated. However, just as she was about to touch her portkey, Sam felt Erin’s hand jerk away from hers. Sam’s mouth went into an “o” of surprise just before she whisked away into nothingness.

Sam tried to reorient herself, but her head was swimming. Maybe Erin had just touched her dream catcher a little too soon. Surely she wouldn’t have let go on purpose? Sam scanned the crowd looking for Erin. At last her eyes locked onto her best friend. But just as she had started heading in her direction, Erin turned abruptly away.

Ummm, okay, Sam thought as she drug her trunk to the side with the other new students. Maybe if she went in, Erin would find her later. Sam sat down with her plate of lasagna and stared into the fire. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Erin.

A cheery voice snapped her out of her contemplation.

"Hi, I'm Linden. Can you believe we're finally here?"

Sam shook her head. “No, not at all. It’s quite different than I expected. I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” She smiled timidly. At least she wouldn’t be alone for this part of Orientation.

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    • Hoping for the best — Samantha Knowles, Sun Apr 6 10:42
      • No need to hope!Linden, Mon Apr 7 14:54
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