Crystal Glause
Sun Apr 6, 2014 16:08

“Goodbye! Goodbye!” Crystal called out tearfully as she felt the tug of the dream catcher portkey and the world began to blur and swirl.

Her last view of home was of her parents, arms around each others’ waists, waving. It felt good in a weird, icky way. Her parents were always holding hands and kissing and, well, stuff. It was like they were married a month ago instead of fifteen years. Most of Crystal’s friends’ parents, both Muggle and Wizard, weren’t like that. Many had been divorced even. There was something comforting knowing her parents still liked snogging each other like a couple of teenagers.

Landing in the hallway of her new school, Crystal took a moment to shake off the dizziness that always followed and then pushed her trunk to the side were the man in black, Deputy Headmaster Duh Villey Hay(?), directed.

Following him obediently into the Finer Diner, she wiped the remaining tears from her dark green eyes, hoping Zombie Master made it to the owlery. Surreptitiously, she glanced around and noticed that she wasn’t the only kid with a wet face and a snuffy nose.

Crystal’s mouth formed a large O as she took in her surroundings. The train moving through the countryside, the bonfire, the food; just everything was amazing. It was really hard to hate a place and run back home with all the wonderful scents making her now settled stomach rumble greedily.

Daddy was a great cook. Years of restaurant ownership made him about the best chef Crystal could imagine, but this! The variety! The bounty! She had no idea where to start. Raised with an adventurous palate, she had no choice but to sample a little bit of everything until her plate was loaded down.

Finding a place to sit, Crystal impatiently brushed a long lock of her auburn hair out of her eyes that had fallen from the ponytail that cascaded down her back. As she did so, her elbow brushed against her neighbor.

“Sorry,” Crystal smiled, a blush spreading across the smattering of freckles on her cheeks. “I’m Crystal. Wicked place, huh?”

  • Orientation Part IDeputy Head de Villiers , Fri Apr 4 11:09
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    • Trying to break the iceAlphonse Dubois V, Tue Apr 8 07:24
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    • Awesome-sauce! — Crystal Glause, Sun Apr 6 16:08
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        • No need to hope!Linden, Mon Apr 7 14:54
          “No, not at all. It’s quite different than I expected. I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” Linden nodded, chewing on her meal. She supposed that she personally had Pam's and Chris' stories to go... more
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          • Connor continued to look at the kids for another thirty seconds before he called down one of the house elves and got a small Dr.Pepper with a bowl of Chicken Alfredo. It took him 15 seconds to... more
            • I dunno, it would be funny!Prior Forbs, Wed Apr 9 20:50
              Well, his stab at the boy's age had been a little off. Poor kid, to have been taught for three or four years surrounded by a group of friends, only to have to his parents force him out of the routine ... more
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