Prior Forbs
Maybe you're Dorothy.
Sun Apr 6, 2014 16:40

Prior raised his brows, almost imperceptibly, as a boy that was much taller than the rest of the circus of children were around him approached. Perhaps he was just tall for his age, or he had gone through puberty early, but whatever the case may be there would be no question that this boy would be the odd one out. 'Company,' a small, sarcastic voice muttered traitorously in his head. He scanned the boy quickly as he approached: there was no way to tell whether he was muggle or wizard born, though the jeans and hoodie he was wearing made Prior inclined to think that he at least had muggle blood in him. Prior again was extremely self-conscious of the suit that he was wearing. At least it showed that he cared what he looked like, and didn't let other people think badly of him when they first met. (A voice that sounded suspiciously like his mother's was running through his head: "Wearing your best clothes gives the best first impression. Our family is respectable, and we won't go out to dinner with your wearing that!")

Hailing one of the small, green creatures that were scurrying around offering food to people at the least convenient points in their conversation, he grabbed a water glass, and not quite trusting the food that he didn't recognize sitting next to the water on the plate, he thanked the green creature and looked pointedly at it to go away. It took the hint, bowing, and scurried off.

As the tall boy sat down at the table Prior was sitting at, he took a sip of the water, and barely kept his face from contorting in a disgusted expression. He didn't know what that drink was, but water it certainly wasn't. Acting as if that drink was perfectly normal, and he didn't almost have his taste buds die on him (Prior fancied that he was a rather good actor), Prior straightened and looked expectantly at the boy that was sitting across from him.

They sat like that for several awkward moments: the boy acting in every way, shape, and form that he didn't at all care what happened next, and Prior looking at him expectantly, waiting for him to start caring what happened next. Prior had just about decided that if the boy didn't feel like starting a conversation with him, he was probably a stupid conversationalist anyway, and he wouldn't oblige him by starting one himself, when a nasty voice in the back of his head pointed out that if he kept this up he wouldn't know any more about the wizarding world or RMI by the end of the night then he did already. Prior mentally told the voice in his head to do some nasty things.

Still, looking at the boy that had been sitting in front of him for at least a minute now doubtfully, he piped up (in a voice he cursed as being unnecessarily falsetto), "Are you a transfer student or eleven, like the rest of us darling little children?" Prior fancied (or hoped, depending on how you looked at it) that his voice came out suitably dry. Looking the boy scrutinizingly again he thought that he was at least twelve or thirteen, though likely no older. Any parent that had transferred their child any older than that was bad at their job. Prior would probably be transferred around his fifth year. Well, if that estimation were true he at least had something interesting to look forward to.

Prior regarded his question towards the boy flatly. 'Great going: no 'hello,' no 'how are you,' and no 'are you looking forward to the new semester?' You really shouldn't be complaining about anybody else not being a good conversationalist. Maybe that's the secret: the more stupid you are, the better you are at having good conversations. Well, maybe this boy will be intelligent, after all.' Prior glanced at the boy sitting in front of him yet again, and told himself that perhaps he was a little to optimistic.

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    • Maybe you're Dorothy. — Prior Forbs, Sun Apr 6 16:40
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