No need to hope!
Mon Apr 7, 2014 14:54

“No, not at all. It’s quite different than I expected. I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.”

Linden nodded, chewing on her meal. She supposed that she personally had Pam's and Chris' stories to go on. They were both in different houses, Pam in Draco and Chris in Lyra. Linden had deducted that Draco seemed to be for the super smart people and Lyra was for the music people, it seemed. Linden knew her brother could play the violin well, but he didn't seem like the musically gifted type. Though both her older siblings seemed to love struck at the moment. Chris kept on going on about a girl called Anna, or Alannah? One of the two, though that seemed to please Oliver when Chris told their step-father she was a Pureblood. Linden didn't know much about who Pam fancied but she knew his name was Killian Walker and the eleven year old was determined to hunt him down. It was cute that Pam liked someone but no way was he gonna go near her until she'd at least talked to this "Killian".

Linden turned her attention back to Sam, wanting to help the seemingly shy girl to open up to her a bit more.

"Do you have an older siblings? I have a sister Pam who's gonna be in her fifth year, and my brother Chris who'll be a second year. And what house do you wanna be in? Personally I either want to be in Cetus or Draco, they seem like the best to me."

Finishing her plate, she set in down by her feet and stretched out her lanky legs towards the fire.

  • Hoping for the bestSamantha Knowles, Sun Apr 6 10:42
    Samantha Knowles sighed as she stared down at her oatmeal. Today was the day she’d be going to RMI, and she just couldn’t seem to shake off her nerves. In an attempt to make it look like she’d eaten... more
    • No need to hope! — Linden, Mon Apr 7 14:54
      • Excellent!Samantha Knowles, Tue Apr 8 14:23
        Sam sat quietly for a moment, trying to figure out which of Linden’s questions to answer first. She was glad to have someone to talk to without having had to introduce herself. If she and Erin ever... more
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