Alphonse Dubois V
Trying to break the ice
Tue Apr 8, 2014 07:24

Brown eyes were fixed on the grandfather clock, following the steady golden arm swinging over the fireplace mantle. He liked listening to the persistent tick-tick, tick-tick and that was really all that he’d been doing this evening. There wasn’t anything else he had to do. Sitting and listening to the ticking clock, there wasn’t even a need to check its actual time; right now it was almost six o’clock in Colorado, which meant that it was almost seven o’clock in their little riverside city of Baie-Comeau, and in the Dubois household, those minutes preceding seven o’clock were always announced with a bang and so easily predicted.

There was a loud thump from somewhere above him. The pair of mud-brown eyes blinked but otherwise remained on their slow golden trajectory. Literal bangs weren’t unexpected, either.

“Êtes-vous prêt? You haven’t forgotten anything?”

Alphonse Guillaume Dubois the Fifth shook his head, pointing towards the cabinet, where his sturdy metal trunk had been stacked beside with Deke’s cage positioned neatly on top. “Checked it all this morning, mum. Everything’s there. Just like it was yesterday,” he couldn’t resist adding, throwing his mum a grin that only partially disguised the anxiety coiled in his stomach.

Passing into the dining room from their adjoined kitchen, the plump woman gave him a rap on the skull with her knuckles and sent down a faint cloud of remnant flour. “Don’t get cheeky with me,” she scolded lightly while the boy continued to grin. “Now, you’ve only got about ten minutes left, so you’d better - Young lady, what did I say about leaving your room?” The eleven-year-old glanced over his shoulder to see his younger sister standing at the edge of the hall, absently noting generous specks of flour along the way and brushing them off the shoulders of his freshly-pressed robes.

“I know, I know, the Bonhomme is coming!” squeaked Naomi, clinging to the edge of the hallway, pressed against the shadows, startlingly light eyes staring back at them. “But Lucy was being très stupide and fell off his bed and broke the lamp!” At this announcement, their mother exhaled, a loud, long sound that both children were all too familiar with, and then echoed the ghosting memories triggered by such sound by turning and proceeding upstairs with the foreboding tell-tale pattern of rustling apron and clicking heels.

Alphonse raised his eyebrows at his sister (both of them, as he hadn’t yet figured out the art of raising only one). “Did he really?”

“Yes! He was stupid!” she insisted, still standing almost on tip-toe in her wary lookout for the silhouette of a hatted man. After several moments, during which the siblings exchanged faces with varying degrees of stubborn innocence and amused ‘oh really?’, the brunette amended, “Maybe I called him stupid first. And then he jumped off and broke the lamp. But he was still being stupid first!”

“You two’ve got to keep getting along even while I’m at school, oui?”

“It’s going to be awful,” she bemoaned before her eyes widened and she gestured with alarm at the clock. “Ah, no!” Alphonse followed her gaze and promptly stood up, reaching for his trunk with one hand and into the pocket of his robes with the other, catching the simple dreamcatcher around his pinky and hooking his other fingers onto the bars of Deke’s owl cage.

It wasn’t the worst way to leave home, he decided, the continued argument from the bedroom overhead between his mum and Lucien muffled further as the clock chimed mournfully, exchanging a final smile with Naomi before watching her disappear in a flash, sock feet pounding up the stairs in a hasty attempt to avoid bonhomme sept-heures. The only members not present were Emile, presumably fast asleep and going to stay that way, and their father. Alphonse IV had left earlier that day to meet with a group of jobberknoll breeders near Ashuapmushuan reserve; theoretically it was only a short Apparition away but his dad always took the car when he was picking up new supplies, for as the man had explained to Alphonse V, Apparition could have strange effects on the magical properties of unfinished wand cores. That was obviously a good reason for making the almost eight-hour drive out to the reserve. Still, Alphonse would’ve liked his dad to actually be here, even though it made him feel a bit selfish to want that.

In a blur of colours and noise, the anxious feelings in his stomach magnified by an invisible yet firm grip tugging him forward from the abdomen, Alphonse found himself for the first time in his new school. As his older “cousin” Serafina had mentioned, this dining hall resembled a moving train-car, which did not help him feel any better in the least; after a bit of a stumble on arrival he’d managed to stay on his feet, but seeing prairie scenery flashing past the windowpanes only further unsettled his already rocky balance. Trying to avoid looking at the windows, he dragged his trunk over to the side as directed and set the owl cage delicately on top, reassuring softness from Deke’s feathers brushing his fingertips, and then moved to join the other first-years in scavenging food from the broad assortment on display.

The short boy hadn’t eaten any dinner at home, having been too keyed up for the impending journey to even consider the thought of food. Arriving at RMI hadn’t lessened his anxiety. He didn’t really want to eat right now, but practically speaking food was important and so he opted to fill himself a bowl of spaghetti - plain, no sauce, with just a bit of cheese on top. Tugging nervously at the lobe of one oversized ear, the brunet sized up the students already seated around the bonfire and approached the one he thought looked the friendliest, plonking down beside them with the spaghetti settled in his lap. “Alphonse Dubois the fifth,” he introduced himself politely, French accent sliding through his words while he stuck out his hand to them and hoped that it wasn’t shaking too noticeably. Feeling suddenly nervous again, he dropped his hand as soon as it was okay to do so and resumed tugging at his ear. “So, err… What do you make of that bonfire? I think my mum would throw a fit if we ever had a fire like that in our dining room.” Trying to sound funny, he forced a smile and privately concluded that he probably seemed like the lamest person ever.

OOC: Just an fyi that I am going on a trip out of country tonight; by all means feel free to reply to this post, but be forewarned that I likely won’t be able to post again until late Sunday or Monday. :)

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