Dude, I'm not going to wear any ruby slippers
Tue Apr 8, 2014 13:49

Connor continued to look at the kids for another thirty seconds before he called down one of the house elves and got a small Dr.Pepper with a bowl of Chicken Alfredo. It took him 15 seconds to realize he had forgot to ask for a fork and another 5 seconds to actually acquire one from another elf. He was about to dig in when he heard a high pitched voice speak to the right of him.

"Are you a transfer student or eleven, like the rest of us darling little children?"

Connor turned his head slightly to see that the suit guy had spoken, but more importantly, spoken to him. He first took a small sip from his cup and then moved a strand of curly brown hair out of his face; he spoke from the corner of his mouth. "I'm 14 dude," he said, a small grin forming on his face. "Pft, darling little children is definitely one way of putting it. I dunno, I think you guys just look adorable and awkward."

When the word adorable came out of his mouth, he immediately started to think about Audrey and how she would have to wait a few months before seeing him again. He knew that she could handle it, she was mature for her age (she even said so herself)and had no problem making friends at school. He hoped that they'd still be living in Colorado long enough for her to hit eleven (She was nine at the moment) so that maybe they could go both go to RMI (since she was starting to show magical abilities).

ďArenít you hot in that thing?Ē Connor added quickly, turning back to look at the kids.

  • Maybe you're Dorothy.Prior Forbs, Sun Apr 6 16:40
    Prior raised his brows, almost imperceptibly, as a boy that was much taller than the rest of the circus of children were around him approached. Perhaps he was just tall for his age, or he had gone... more
    • Dude, I'm not going to wear any ruby slippers — Connor, Tue Apr 8 13:49
      • I dunno, it would be funny!Prior Forbs, Wed Apr 9 20:50
        Well, his stab at the boy's age had been a little off. Poor kid, to have been taught for three or four years surrounded by a group of friends, only to have to his parents force him out of the routine ... more
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