Samantha Knowles
Tue Apr 8, 2014 14:23

Sam sat quietly for a moment, trying to figure out which of Lindenís questions to answer first. She was glad to have someone to talk to without having had to introduce herself. If she and Erin ever had to meet anyone, Erin would always take charge and Sam would be able to sit silently in the background, which she preferred.

ďNo, Iím an only child. I sometimes wish I had a sister though. My best friend Erin has an older sister but they donít get along very well.Ē

The thought of Erin saddened her for a moment. Where was she, and had she found anyone to talk to? Sam glanced around the bonfire but was unable to locate her. Trying to seem more positive, Sam gave Linden a small grin. She didnít want to seem upset when everything was so new and exciting.

ďAnd I donít really know anything about the houses here. I just moved here from LondonÖ Have you heard of Hogwarts? Thatís where I was going to go before we moved. I was hoping to be in the same house as my parents, but I have no idea what they would have been here.Ē

Sam stuffed the last bit of lasagna in her mouth before setting her plate next to Lindenís. Hopefully one of the house elves would come by and pick them up. She twirled the ends of her blonde hair while trying to think of another question.

ďSo, what are you most looking forward to here?Ē

  • No need to hope!Linden, Mon Apr 7 14:54
    ďNo, not at all. Itís quite different than I expected. Iím Samantha, but you can call me Sam.Ē Linden nodded, chewing on her meal. She supposed that she personally had Pam's and Chris' stories to go... more
    • Excellent! — Samantha Knowles, Tue Apr 8 14:23
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