Prior Forbs
I dunno, it would be funny!
Wed Apr 9, 2014 20:50

Well, his stab at the boy's age had been a little off. Poor kid, to have been taught for three or four years surrounded by a group of friends, only to have to his parents force him out of the routine to put him amongst people he didn't know...who were already friends with each other. Prior hoped, for the boys sake, that he had come to sit over here because he felt uncomfortable surrounded by eleven-year-old midgets, and not because he was shy.

Still, the fact that the boy was coming to a magical school at fourteen meant that he already had several years of experience already in the magical world, and even more if he was wizard born. Prior attention spiked, wondering if he could wheedle any information about magic out of him, and hoping that the use of the term, 'dude' was a slip of the tongue, and not evidence of the kids conversation skills. Prior decided he really wasn't in a position to complain. He still couldn't really tell if he actually even sounded sarcastic given the boy's response: he mostly just sounded bored.

Prior hoped that the kid wouldn't treat him like he was five just because of the three year age gap. Really, it might seem huge to some people, but Prior knew that people had become best friends that were ten years apart, and Prior's parents had an age gap of seven years. How old you are didn't indicate how intelligent you were. In fact, from Prior's observations of the teenage children at his old school, hormones seemed to make you have serious mental issues, which sometimes bumped your maturity level down a couple of notches...and most of the time even more.

Was he warm in this suit? Not really, actually. Blazingly uncomfortable with a wedgy, sure, but never warm. Still, he fancied he looked rather good in a suit, and he wore it comfortably. If it seemed awkward to other people that was their problem. (Though his slightly uncoordinated limbs must take some of the blame, too.) He only sat up nicely because that's what his parents wanted him to do: or at least wanted him to do in respectable company. They didn't really seem to care how he looked when he was alone. He found he liked to look good too, however, so he got dressed up anyway. Take it as you will.

"No," he responded aloud, shortly, and surveyed the other kid for any clues as how to best engage him in conversation and not in embarrassing personal questions. Well, he felt the call to conversationalist redemption. "I'm Prior, by the way, Prior Forbs. Do you know anything about this place? My family lives pretty far away." A good excuse, if not necessarily true. His parents, convinced it was a scam, had not bothered to find out any more about it. (Prior inwardly smirked to think of the surprise they'd get from Castiel and Karen when they got home from...what was it this time? Some business trip or another. As always, his two younger sisters had believed him. He felt an entirely unexpected and forlorn longing for home.)

Prior, eyeing the boys food, concluded that not all the food was rubbish, and hailed another...wrinkly green thing. (They looked sort of like those pictures on the little kid's lunch boxes. What was it called? Never mind, it didn't matter.) This time he specified that he wanted water. The little green thing whisked away, and returned with a glass a couple of moments later. Prior thanked (him? her?) it and took a sip, before refocusing his attention on the other kid.

  • Connor continued to look at the kids for another thirty seconds before he called down one of the house elves and got a small Dr.Pepper with a bowl of Chicken Alfredo. It took him 15 seconds to... more
    • I dunno, it would be funny! — Prior Forbs, Wed Apr 9 20:50
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