Deputy Head de Villiers
Orienation Part III
Fri Apr 11, 2014 13:30

Orientation week was almost over thankfully and Emilian was taking a break from the first years. He had left them in the hands of Estelle Blair the Cultural Studies Professor who was leading the children through team building exercises, the main one being the Human Knot. The first year he had heard about it he was confused since it was some sort of hard puzzle that you held hands with. Emilian sort of understood it now but he wouldn’t want to lead children through it.

Emilian wore a red long sleeved dress shirt, tucked into black jeans. He didn’t put on a suit but a black vest with no tie. He yawned, he was tired from sleeping in a tent all week. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow where he got to sleep in his apartments inside the school.

At exactly 11 am the whooshing began that announced the arrival of the upperclassmen who had volunteered to be the mentors to the newest students of RMI. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen.” Emilian said once everyone seemed to get their balance. “Headmistress Warren sends her many thanks for helping out today, along with the rest of the staff members! The first years will be happy to speak to someone who can give them all the secrets of RMI.”

“So you each have all been assigned a pair of first years, you’ll have lunch with them let them pick your brains a bit and then take them on a tour of the school. After the tours are complete we’ll all get back together and have a bonfire.”

“You guys have about an hour to settle in freshen up if need be before your firsties will be clamouring for you. The sheet of mentee assignments have been posted near the entrance to the Finer Diner. You guys will be staying in your dorms so you have access to them right now. Any questions?”

Once any questions were answered he allowed the older students to go about their business and he charmed the list of mentors and mentees to the wall which read:

Alphonse Dubois V and Jace Sullivan with Kaspar Szysko

Rosalie Bauer and Jack O’Neill with Cayden Bloom

Dellyla Rosier and Samantha Knowles with Brielle Hawkins

Erienne Malistaire and Prior Forbs with Bessie Mae

Skye Jones and Rosalie Smith with Olivia Knight

Evelyn Redwood and Linden Wrey with Riley Finn

Celina Wright and Lana Acxsey with Killian Walker

Connor Hayes and Crystal Glausse With Mikey Lawrence

    • In the common room of the Aquila house, Brielle watched some of the other mentors -- like Bessie Mae -- leave all dressed up for Orientation. She herself wore her typical jeans with a rip in the knee ... more
    • It felt like such a long time since Cayden had been back to Rocky Mountain. The summer had seemed to stretch on longer than anything and the fourteen year old was happy to be back. Most of her time... more
      • Face-to-face interaction isn't my thingJohn O'Neill , Wed Apr 16 11:51
        Although many of Jack’s friends (both magical and muggle) went on annual camping trips, his family had never caught on to the craze. Just thinking about the mud and questionable toiletry facilities... more
    • Get along, little firsties [Prior Forbs, Erienne Malistaire]Bessie Mae Cavanaugh, Sun Apr 13 13:56
      Bessie Mae Cavanaugh liked the idea of House pride, but Aquila’s colors were cream and grey. It didn’t give her much to work with. She paired a dark grey circle skirt with a white button-down blouse... more
      • Get along where?Prior Forbs, Mon Apr 14 13:16
                Prior Forbs still didn't know that much about RMI, and he had been here an entire week. Needless to say, he wasn't pleased. He didn't know...he just expected more from a magical school. When... more
        • What if I don't want to "get along"?Erienne Malistaire, Mon Apr 14 20:12
          Erin was warming up slowly. In the week she’d been at RMI, she had successfully avoided making any friends. She’d been rude to her tent mate which wasn’t very surprising. She had been moody ever... more
          • You’ll get along and you’ll like itBessie Mae, Mon Apr 14 22:24
            Well, these two were terrifically unimpressive. So much for making connections at Orientation. The Arkansan invited them each to take a seat, wondering what to do with regards to lunch. On the one... more
            • Really? That's news.Prior Forbs, Thu Apr 17 18:10
              Prior was really quite proud of himself when, with extreme self-discipline, he managed not to role his eyes. The new girl was terrifically stupid to have gone of on their mentor immediately. Sure,... more
    • Hoping this goes well... [Connor Hayes, Crystal Glausse]Michael Lawrence, Jr., Sat Apr 12 22:42
      Going into this year's Orientation, Mikey had very simple goals: to not break either of his newbies. What had happened last year was totally not his fault--how was he supposed to know that asking... more
      • Should it go otherwise?Crystal Glausse, Fri Apr 18 01:47
        Crystal followed the rest of the first years back into the diner, chatting with a couple along the way. The Human Knot thing was surprisingly fun. At first, when Miss Blair had explained the rules,... more
    • Riley Finn had enjoyed his summer besides the misstep with Jacob and Sebastian. Jacob had asked Riley to return the suit, and while Riley had agreed he had actually stashed the extremely expensive... more
    • First Time Mentor [TAG: Jace Sullivan, Alphonse Dubois V]Kašpar Szyszko, Fri Apr 11 13:33
      His esteemed cousin, Lyubov Kovalchuk, formerly of the house of Draco, future-ly of the house of Rojkovskaya, had graduated. This felt quite weird to Kašpar. She had been older than him, obviously,... more
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