Kašpar Szyszko
First Time Mentor [TAG: Jace Sullivan, Alphonse Dubois V]
Fri Apr 11, 2014 13:33

His esteemed cousin, Lyubov Kovalchuk, formerly of the house of Draco, future-ly of the house of Rojkovskaya, had graduated. This felt quite weird to Kašpar. She had been older than him, obviously, and wiser (in everything except Quidditch), also obviously, and her older-and-wiser status plus the nature of her role as the family’s heiress left her little time or ability to join him in his odd games and daydreams around the school grounds (though he was of the personal opinion that this was just an excuse and secretly she envied him - although he also found it hard to keep this opinion firmly attached to the mental image of intent hazel eyes and professional heels pacing down from the SGA president’s podium). However, they had still gotten along well, all things considered, and it was weird to imagine not having her around this term to explain his half-hearted attempts at completing homework assignments or restrain him from falling off the stands while he supplemented her cheers for the Yorks with enthusiastic shouts for both teams.

An essence of her remained for him, especially today, the first day of his first Mentor... ing. Thing. ‘Mentor-ing? Mentor-ish? Mentor-en? Mentor-er?’ The fourteen-year-old considered it seriously for a moment, white-blonde eyebrows scrunching up, barely noticeable against skin that could almost be called tanned and more appropriately be called tinted. His mental dictionary failed to provide a better term for this first experience as a Mentor; the debate became promptly meaningless and was discarded. He was being a Mentor, anyways, and that was solely because Lyubov had suggested it. Or, technically, Lyubov had suggested it to Akalena, who forced it on Kejan as a way for her to fill the impressive shoes of their soon-to-be family leader, who in turn claimed a lack of time due to training for her end-of-summer dance competition and handed the responsibility off to Kašpar. Kašpar was busy, too, he took his title of Assistant Quidditch Captain seriously and spent easy hours every day with his broom between his knees, but having Lyubov’s old title of Mentor handed down to him was a good reason to sacrifice his last week of summer break. His sense of perspective skipped over the lengthy chain by which said title had arrived at him and told him it was something for him specifically, a personal award to be proud of.

And proud he was! His robes still flapped loose and unbuttoned around his stocky frame, and his left pants leg had ridden up his ankle from where he’d absently scratched an itch earlier to expose one mildly grungy sock, but his arm was flung up in the sort of confident manner that could only come from a deep pride. Classic toothy grin stretched broadly across his cheeks, the Aquila watched as letters wiggled forth from the tip of his wand. All of his pride and concentration was not enough to prevent the accidental misspelling of Jace Sulivan and Alphons Dubois V, but his wandwork had at least improved enough that the letters looked proud of themselves, too, standing up straight in midair instead of flopping sideways like they had over the first weeks after he’d learned the charm. The letter’s posture fooled Kašpar, at least. He didn’t notice his own misspellings and loudly proclaimed it “Done!”, nodding cheerfully at the fellow Mentors nearby while he flopped into a chair at the table beneath his floating sign. It seems he finished in the nick of time, as the doors to the Diner soon opened to release a miniature stampede of first-years. Glancing up again to his charmed letters, fingers idly twining through long blonde hair, Kašpar mouthed the names to himself in the hope that he would be able to pronounce them correctly by the time the two boys had arrived at his table.

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    • First Time Mentor [TAG: Jace Sullivan, Alphonse Dubois V] — Kašpar Szyszko, Fri Apr 11 13:33
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