Michael Lawrence, Jr.
Hoping this goes well... [Connor Hayes, Crystal Glausse]
Sat Apr 12, 2014 22:42

Going into this year's Orientation, Mikey had very simple goals: to not break either of his newbies. What had happened last year was totally not his fault--how was he supposed to know that asking that girl about herself would, like, send her spiraling?--but even so, he was not looking for a repeat performance. Eleven-year-old girls were just so high-strung, he supposed.

That was why he was relieved to see a boy's name next to his. Or at least he assumed Connor was a boy. Parents were naming their kids all kind of weird stuff nowadays, but somehow, he really couldn't see any sane parent naming a girl Connor. Boys he could understand, although he now saw them through nostalgic eyes. At fourteen years old, the Aquila considered himself a man now, having matured beyond the youthful constraints of boyhood.

The sign above him proclaimed his search for the lad and his hopefully female mate. Connor Hayes floated over Crystal Glausse in the air above Mikey's head, hopefully catching the eyes of his mentees. He scanned furiously for anyone who appeared to be coming in his direction, pretty much just wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. He was not the most selfless of people, and he only even did this stuff because him mom made him. For whatever reason, she thought it was so wonderful that RMI did this for the new students, and Mikey should feel privileged to get to participate in such an awesome adventure. As if he cared.

He loved his mom and whatever, but sometimes she was such a bother, always wanting him to do stuff. Mikey didn't want to do stuff; he wanted to hang out with his buddies and acquire a girlfriend. Those were, like, his main two priorities in life right now. Volunteering and being a "good Samaritan" really did not concern him that much, and he was fairly convinced he could continue to look at himself in the mirror if he didn't devote time to guiding firsties around a school they had seven years to memorize.

Somebody apparently got under his radar, because Mikey was suddenly shocked by the closeness of a person. "Whoa, hey there!" he offered. Pointing up to the name he felt was more likely to fit the person, he added, "If that's you, then you're with me."

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    • Hoping this goes well... [Connor Hayes, Crystal Glausse] — Michael Lawrence, Jr., Sat Apr 12 22:42
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