Bessie Mae Cavanaugh
Get along, little firsties [Prior Forbs, Erienne Malistaire]
Sun Apr 13, 2014 13:56

Bessie Mae Cavanaugh liked the idea of House pride, but Aquila’s colors were cream and grey. It didn’t give her much to work with. She paired a dark grey circle skirt with a white button-down blouse and a red bolero. Mother still wouldn’t let her pierce her ears, so Bessie Mae’s only jewelry was a chunky white bracelet and a gold chain necklace.

Okay, so the outfit wasn’t really inspired by Aquila colors, but it was cute as hell.

Her own Orientation had been fine—nothing inspiring or special—but in an effort to know the first year class before the rest of the school got to, Bessie Mae had volunteered to help. She could only hope that her mentees were the right sort of people. As long as they were even a little bit cultured, this whole thing would be worth her while.

Bessie Mae was especially hoping for some new pureblood girls. The Daughters of Morgana needed more members, after all. She very much liked working with Alannah, but they had to get some other ladies in there besides the odious, poorly-named Safire. Bessie Mae had a notebook half full of spells to share, courtesy of Pa. He’d even shown her some that she wasn’t able to do yet. “You’ll figure ‘em out soon enough, and Alannah might be old enough to try already.”

Based on the names, Bessie Mae had one adjective and one potential recruit. She took two pieces of paper and wrote Prior Forbs and Erienne Malistaire on them in block letters. She was very fond of block letters; they neatly disguised her un-neat handwriting. The older mentors were doing fancier things, but the most Bessie Mae could do was levitate her papers over the table and wait for one of them to approach her.

“Good mornin’,” she said, rising to greet them. “My name’s Bessie Mae Cavanaugh, I’ll be your mentor today.” She offered a white smile and a firm handshake. “Y’all ready for lunch?”

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    • Get along, little firsties [Prior Forbs, Erienne Malistaire] — Bessie Mae Cavanaugh, Sun Apr 13 13:56
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