Cayden Bloom
Meeting New Faces! [Rosalie Bauer and Jack O’Neill]
Sun Apr 13, 2014 15:44

It felt like such a long time since Cayden had been back to Rocky Mountain. The summer had seemed to stretch on longer than anything and the fourteen year old was happy to be back. Most of her time off had been spent in Ireland with Carrick. Although the fourth year was still slightly resentful towards her father for the match, Cayden couldn’t help but think that she wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. She wouldn’t go so far as to say she was in love with him, but she certainly liked being around him. He made her happy even with the little things.

The time she had spent at home had been quiet, her father was moodier than usual and her mother drank much more than her average intake. Aviynne showed it no concern, but Cayden knew better at this point. She wasn’t the naďve girl she had once been. It made for a quiet piece of the summer. Outside however, Cayden could imagine their social circles were buzzing. The Bloom family hadn’t attended one grand event the whole season, nor had they thrown any. For them, that was odd.

If Cayden had to think about it, she would really say that the entire year had been odd. After midterm of her third year, Cayden had received fewer letters from her father dictating her behavior and even Aviynne had commented on it at one point. Christmas had been a terror. Gideon had been on edge throughout the whole holiday and Cayden swore that she had caught a glimpse of his head of security in their home as well. There had been an apparent lack of human staff, only house elves tended to their needs. It was clear that something big had happened, but not a soul dared to ask about it.

It was why Cayden had been so happy to go to Ireland and now to return to Rocky Mountain. She had started mentoring after her first year and had to say she loved it more each year. The enthusiasm of the younger children was simply contagious and renewed the feeling Cayden had felt the day she first set foot in the school. Of course the first time she had come to the Finer Diner, she had tripped over her own feet and straight onto the floor of the Diner. Boy had she gotten an earful from her father for that later. But it was possibly one of the fondest memories she had because it had been all her. She hadn’t been acting as something, she had simply klutzed out as she was quite clumsy.

She was still just as clumsy of course, but Cayden was far from the pigtail wearing, outspoken, mud throwing eleven year old she had been during her first year. As her feet hit the floor of the Finer Diner, she only swayed slightly, shaking off the uneasy feeling that came with the travelling. She adjusted her deep blue shirt, making sure that it was still tucked into her black skirt. She was wearing Cetus colors, because that’s what she always did or what she tried to do. She listened to Professor de Villiers with rapt attention. The man terrified her, but she refused to let it show.

Once he dismissed them, Cayden took her stuff to her room, but didn’t dwindle there for very long. She flitted happily back down to the Finer Diner. Unbeknownst to her, she was becoming more like her mother each day. Slightly flighty, but strong and determined in the things that she cared about. Aviynne had inherited their mother’s features, but Cayden was her mother’s spirit. Despite how hard she tried not to be, Cayden was the pureblooded lady she had been raised to be.

Cayden copied down the names of her mentees onto a sheet of paper before slipping over to an empty table. With a few flicks of her wand, the names of the two kids were charmed above her head. They flickered in different colors, sometimes the color faded into the other name. With that done, Cayden sat in a chair, one leg crossed over the other and her chin propped upon her hands. She just hoped that Jack and Rosalie wouldn’t take too long to find her.

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    • Meeting New Faces! [Rosalie Bauer and Jack O’Neill] — Cayden Bloom, Sun Apr 13 15:44
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