Brielle Hawkins
Welcome Welcome [TAG: Dellyla Rosier and Samantha Knowles]
Sun Apr 13, 2014 16:12

In the common room of the Aquila house, Brielle watched some of the other mentors -- like Bessie Mae -- leave all dressed up for Orientation. She herself wore her typical jeans with a rip in the knee and a long sleeve quidditch tee shirt with the sleeves rolled to her elbows. Her dark auburn hair was in a loose braid down her shoulder, and her thick framed glasses poised just in place on her nose. She let out a deep breath as another Aquila mentor left the common room, signaling that she should get going. She dropped her book and slid her wand into her boot. Probably not the best place to keep it, but -- as it was too warm to wear her jacket with the large inner pocket -- it was the only place for it.

As a second year mentor who wasn't even here for her own Orientation last year, she was the youngest and most naive of the lot. She didn't know what to expect with Orientation -- she'd heard about something that sounded painful called the Human Knot -- and she sure hoped that she didn't mess it up for the first years by saying or doing something she shouldn't have. She always had been bad with words...

When she got to the Finer Diner, she checked the list that DH de Viliers posted, listing the mentors and mentees. She quickly found her name next to two others -- the first years named Dellyla Rosier and Samantha Knowles. Looking around the diner, she found an empty table and used the spell she'd gotten from a Spellwork textbook to write out the names above the table. Her handwriting came from the tip of the wand in small capital letters, spelling out the names (hopefully without any errors).

Brielle plopped down at the table and sighed, awaiting her first years to find her. Brielle used this time to decide how she was gong to greet the two girls -- she was never the best with making friends and all. The only people she was good at talking to were Cora and Meci, but they weren't mentors this year, so she was on her own. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of thinking, Brielle saw one of the first years walk up to the table, and the letters of her name fell to the table with a clank. Brielle smiled meekly, then greeted the student.

"Hi, I'm Brielle," she said, then realized she forgot to stick her hand out. She probably seemed really fidgety to this kid, but whatever. At least she was trying. "I'm a second year Aquila, I'll be your mentor." She gave another smile and hoped that she could make Orientation fun for her two mentees.

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    • Welcome Welcome [TAG: Dellyla Rosier and Samantha Knowles] — Brielle Hawkins, Sun Apr 13 16:12
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      Bessie Mae Cavanaugh liked the idea of House pride, but Aquila’s colors were cream and grey. It didn’t give her much to work with. She paired a dark grey circle skirt with a white button-down blouse... more
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          • You’ll get along and you’ll like itBessie Mae, Mon Apr 14 22:24
            Well, these two were terrifically unimpressive. So much for making connections at Orientation. The Arkansan invited them each to take a seat, wondering what to do with regards to lunch. On the one... more
            • Really? That's news.Prior Forbs, Thu Apr 17 18:10
              Prior was really quite proud of himself when, with extreme self-discipline, he managed not to role his eyes. The new girl was terrifically stupid to have gone of on their mentor immediately. Sure,... more
    • Hoping this goes well... [Connor Hayes, Crystal Glausse]Michael Lawrence, Jr., Sat Apr 12 22:42
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      • Should it go otherwise?Crystal Glausse, Fri Apr 18 01:47
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