Prior Forbs
Get along where?
Mon Apr 14, 2014 13:16

        Prior Forbs still didn't know that much about RMI, and he had been here an entire week. Needless to say, he wasn't pleased. He didn't know...he just expected more from a magical school. When he had heard that he was magical, he assumed that it meant that everyone who was magical was better than other people. He fancied himself rather disappointed that it proved nothing in the slightest. He still was smarter than everybody around him, including that snobby little fourteen-year-old git, who was as unresponsive to his questions as a blue whale might have been. He thought he would get a better response by asking the mice that he heard in the hallways sometimes. (This school was infested by  mice )

        So, seeing as he didn't learn anything new in an entire week here (besides the fact that the most popular wizarding sport was something called Quid Ditch, in which people flew around on broomsticks...and nobody ever shut up about... and that it was really quite ghastly) Prior was slightly hopeful to be told that he'd be introduced to a throng of upper classmen who might actually have some answers to his boundless questions. And who might not actually still mime everything their parents said to all their friends and call it 'conversation.' It was really as if nobody knew how to actually  have  a conversation.

        Prior got up early that morning, dressing in nice jeans and a dark blue dress shirt, and got himself properly preened and brushed to meet somebody new. His strawberry blonde hair was combed to the side, and his disgustingly nice and open expression (that was actually rather useful in throwing of a good impression and of getting everybody to do what he wanted them to do) was set firmly on his face. The boys that were sleeping in the tent with him were still asleep, and Prior wondered sarcastically whose brilliant idea it was to have everybody sleep in tents. No matter if those tents were bigger on the inside.

        He had to wait a horribly long time until everybody else woke up, exchanged short, cordial conversations with him, and got dressed- let alone until somebody led the group of first years through the maze of stone hallways into the Finer Diner. (Prior decided he really needed a tour of the place or he would spend the first week of his classes perpetually lost.)

        As Prior entered the familiar- yet still a little off-putting- dining area he scanned the tables. His eyes went hopefully to the oldest children with nice, hopefully magical signs over their heads. (Prior especially liked the one with the green, blazing fire.) Therefore he was rather disappointed to find that after moving on from those he wished were his mentors he found that he was placed with a girl that couldn't have been more than a year older then himself. He walked a few steps closer, rather hoping it was a mistake, but no... there was his name in nice, plain box letters. On a piece of paper. Great.

        Still, he supposed that having anybody who knew anything about this school was better than nothing, so he shook off his disappointment to go say hello. And hopefully get a tour of the first-year classrooms. It seemed pretty useless to ask for a tour of the entire school now- he highly doubted this girl even knew year the upper level classrooms were. 

        He surveyed her when she gave him a firm handshake and asked about his stomach functions. She was young, cared about appearances (not that that was a particularly bad thing- Prior cared about appearances too,) and seemed rather challenging in nature. Prior was hopeful, slightly, that she was smarter then she seemed to be. His heart was not exactly lifted at the use of the term, y'all. Prior mentally added not very articulate to the list of things he knew about her.

        The other girl that was there, Prior hadn't seen very often around orientation. Not that this was surprising, really, Prior had mostly kept to himself and observed. The small sarcastic voice in his head laughed nastily- 'Observed, ha! Welcome to Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Enlightenment  Sherlock Holmes . Do you, oh enlightened one, want anything to eat?' Prior told the voice in his head to go and do some more nasty things. He studiously ignored that the voice in his head sounded a lot like his father's.

        "No, not right now, thank you," Prior answered his mentor's question. "I'm not really hungry. You can have some if you'd like to though: I won't be offended." He sat back stiffly in his chair, and watched the other to girls, waiting for his mentor to start...mentoring. She shouldn't have signed up to tell the first years about the school, if she was only going to talk about trivial things. Prior hoped to God she wouldn't start talking about Quid Ditch.

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