Erienne Malistaire
What if I don't want to "get along"?
Mon Apr 14, 2014 20:12

Erin was warming up slowly. In the week she’d been at RMI, she had successfully avoided making any friends. She’d been rude to her tent mate which wasn’t very surprising. She had been moody ever since she got to RMI (and nearly the whole summer for that matter). She didn’t participate in the “Human knot” no matter how the other first years tried to get her to do it. However, she couldn’t help but laugh at them. She sat out at they got put in very awkward position.

She turned her gaze to Sammy, a small smile on her face. Erin was pleased that her best friend was getting used to being without her, though she was sure that they’d still be close. A few days after they’d gotten to RMI, they’d talked and mostly made up.

As the time came to “meet their mentors”, Erin felt annoyance settle on the pit of her stomach. Why did they need mentors anyways? It isn’t like they’d ever talk again. She didn’t want to mess with the mentor who was probably going to graduate this year!

As they moved to the Finer Diner, she looked around for her mentor. Scowling as she noticed a boy already there. The mentor was barely a year older. Grumbling she walked over and sat down; her eyes narrowed. “I’m not hungry either.” She sat straight, “What kind of information could you possibly have to share with us if you’re barely a year older?”

  • Get along where?Prior Forbs, Mon Apr 14 13:16
            Prior Forbs still didn't know that much about RMI, and he had been here an entire week. Needless to say, he wasn't pleased. He didn't know...he just expected more from a magical school. When... more
    • What if I don't want to "get along"? — Erienne Malistaire, Mon Apr 14 20:12
      • You’ll get along and you’ll like itBessie Mae, Mon Apr 14 22:24
        Well, these two were terrifically unimpressive. So much for making connections at Orientation. The Arkansan invited them each to take a seat, wondering what to do with regards to lunch. On the one... more
        • Really? That's news.Prior Forbs, Thu Apr 17 18:10
          Prior was really quite proud of himself when, with extreme self-discipline, he managed not to role his eyes. The new girl was terrifically stupid to have gone of on their mentor immediately. Sure,... more
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