Bessie Mae
You’ll get along and you’ll like it
Mon Apr 14, 2014 22:24

Well, these two were terrifically unimpressive. So much for making connections at Orientation. The Arkansan invited them each to take a seat, wondering what to do with regards to lunch. On the one hand, it was poor form to eat when her guests were abstaining. On the other, Bessie Mae had been promised a gourmet meal courtesy of the gold plates RMI only brought out for special occasions.

Still, she was an excellent host, so after verbally ordering her own food (fried catfish and arugula salad), she asked to fill Prior’s plate with cucumber sandwiches and Erienne’s with assorted scones. They could nibble if they changed their mind about wanting to be hungry until supper. In the meantime, Bessie Mae filled her glass with strawberry-and-lemon flavored water. She took a sandwich and a blueberry scone and tucked in.

Erienne did not let her enjoy the meal very long. “What kind of information could you possibly have to share with us if you’re barely a year older?

Bessie Mae took a pause to sip her flavored water. She set the cup on the table, its ice clinking irritably against the side of the glass. “Well, I’ve been here a year longer than you have,” she drawled back. “Y’all have any real questions, or shall I quiz you? Did they already tell you which of the classes you don’t really have to do the readin’ for, or who assigns the most homework, or the fastest way to get from the greenhouses to the reference center for study hall? Unless you don’t want an advantage here, which I thought was the whole point of Orientation.”

She lifted the buttered cucumber sandwich with her right hand, took a dainty bite, and swallowed. “Now, I’m gonna enjoy my lunch. Y’all help yourselves to the snacks, tell your cups what you want to drink, and if you have any questions, I’ll answer them. Then we can get on with a tour and I’ll answer the questions you didn’t realize you needed the answers to. All right?” Bessie Mae flashed white teeth in a saccharine smile. Perhaps there were socially graceful incoming students, but Bessie Mae was not sitting at a table with any of them.

  • What if I don't want to "get along"?Erienne Malistaire, Mon Apr 14 20:12
    Erin was warming up slowly. In the week she’d been at RMI, she had successfully avoided making any friends. She’d been rude to her tent mate which wasn’t very surprising. She had been moody ever... more
    • You’ll get along and you’ll like it — Bessie Mae, Mon Apr 14 22:24
      • Really? That's news.Prior Forbs, Thu Apr 17 18:10
        Prior was really quite proud of himself when, with extreme self-discipline, he managed not to role his eyes. The new girl was terrifically stupid to have gone of on their mentor immediately. Sure,... more
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