Prior Forbs
Really? That's news.
Thu Apr 17, 2014 18:10

Prior was really quite proud of himself when, with extreme self-discipline, he managed not to role his eyes. The new girl was terrifically stupid to have gone of on their mentor immediately. Sure, she had voiced the thoughts that had flown through his own mind not a minute previously, but at least he had kept his speculations to a nice cheerful conversation with himself instead of immediately going toward the, 'Let's go make someone angry. It'll be fun!' option. He was lucky, he reflected, that he had been originally right about their mentor's challenging nature. It very well may have just saved them from a completely useless orientation that went something like- show up, magic is cool, sleep in a tent for a week, and become thoroughly pissed off.

        It was rather rude of her to have ordered food for them, though. Prior had an unfortunate habit of eating anything that was in front of him. He could go almost days on end with barely a bowl of cereal to keep him sustained, but when there actually was food in front of him, he would (almost unconsciously) pick and pick at it until it was all gone. Prior wasn't fat, but he certainly wasn't as thin as he would have liked to be either. And, unbeknownst to him, his starve-it-out diet wasn't helping with the perfect health he longed to have. (Though, it wouldn't hurt to work out either, and Prior didn't like exercise.) So, following this pattern, as soon as the mentor ordered food for them, he took his cucumber sandwich (at least it was healthy) and began to eat. She probably thought he was a hypocrite.

        Prior rather respected their mentor for the comeback she had picked for the girl at barely a moments notice. It seemed she might be slightly smarter than her accent (rather flirtatious skirt) and and manners advertised. Or, maybe, she just had a lot of practice. Prior wondered what made this challenging girl made her decide that she would be good with 'kids.' (She certainly seemed like a person who would see anyone younger than herself as inferior beings. She would certainly have a surprise if she ever decided to treat Prior as one.)

        After a short silence while their mentor dug in and her two mentees sat...well Prior supposed his expression might be interpreted as sullen. He hadn't meant it to come out that way, and though his nice, open, kind-looking face was an annoyance as often as an asset to him, right now it might come in useful. Prior rearranged his expression as best he could, before deciding that this awkwardness had gone on long enough, and if their mentor didn't seem to feel like mentoring until she had finished her lunch, Prior's curiosity would not allow this to happen. 

        So, now the question was: what was Prior really most curious about at this new school? Not Quid Ditch, certainly, but was there anything else? Prior thought about the cache of books he had brought with him, featuring a very wide array of magical creatures, most of which Prior thought that he'd sound idiotic asking about. (Werewolves...really?) So, something he was sure existed, but he wasn't sure of the details about then. Houses: that was it. "So," he drawled, leaning back in the chair, "What can you tell us about the houses? I don't really know that much about them."

  • You’ll get along and you’ll like itBessie Mae, Mon Apr 14 22:24
    Well, these two were terrifically unimpressive. So much for making connections at Orientation. The Arkansan invited them each to take a seat, wondering what to do with regards to lunch. On the one... more
    • Really? That's news. — Prior Forbs, Thu Apr 17 18:10
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