Crystal Glausse
Should it go otherwise?
Fri Apr 18, 2014 01:47

Crystal followed the rest of the first years back into the diner, chatting with a couple along the way. The Human Knot thing was surprisingly fun. At first, when Miss Blair had explained the rules, she’d thought it would really lame, but after getting completely tangled like a big ball of yarn and then watching the other team try to untangle it without anyone breaking the “string”, it turned out pretty cool with the exception of a couple of kids who thought they were above such ridiculous and muggle-ish games. Needless to say, she’d headed for lunch a bit rumpled.

There was a small scrape on her left knee and a grass stain on her tee. A small smudge of dirt covered a few of the small smattering of freckles on her nose and her curly auburn pony tail was bushed almost to the point of matting but Crystal really didn’t care. She was hungry and Miss Blair hadn’t really given them much time to freshen up aside from washing their hands.

When she saw her mentor, Crystal wished longingly that she’d had more time to clean up. For some reason, she’d figured that they would team up girl’s with girls and boys with boys. Go figure. Not only was her mentor a boy, he was a cute boy.

Suddenly, Crystal wished she were dressed nicer. Her cheeks felt hot. Oh great Merlin, now she was blushing too. Crystal was sure that the pink hue of her face clash horribly with her deep red hair and green eyes. She was also certain that every freckle was standing out like lighted billboards on muggle highways. She decided to fake her way by pretending that she was so confident and mature for her age that she could carry off the “what the wind blew in” look.

The closer she approached her assigned table, the shyer she felt. By the time she’d gotten there, her older-than-her-years demeanor had eroded away to please-don’t-notice-I-exist silence.

"Whoa, hey there! If that's you, then you're with me."

“Yeah, it’s me. I mean, I’m Crystal.” Crystal manage to squeak out softly. She took a deep breath and at least tried for friendly and forced a smile. “I mean…Hi.”

  • Hoping this goes well... [Connor Hayes, Crystal Glausse]Michael Lawrence, Jr., Sat Apr 12 22:42
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    • Should it go otherwise? — Crystal Glausse, Fri Apr 18 01:47
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