Deputy Head de Villiers
Sat Apr 19, 2014 21:51

  • Opening Feast Term 18! Deputy Head de Villiers , Sat Apr 19 20:52
    Deputy Headmaster Emilian de Villers stood frowning at his reflection in the mirror. Today, the Frenchman wore a grey suit, with a teal dress shirt, and a grey with white and teal striped tie. He... more
    • AQUILA BONFIRE (nm)Deputy Head de Villiers, Sat Apr 19 21:52
      • First Bonfire but Second YearBrielle Hawkins, Tue Apr 22 19:41
        Brielle had arrived at the bonfire rather early, searching for one of her two mentees. She felt like she hadn't done the best job at Orientation and could only hope they would enjoy themselves at the ... more
        • How come?Krystal Baitman, Sat Apr 26 01:03
          Krystal had picked up last year that the time at RMI was vastly different to what it was in the UK. However, she had never figured out the precise maths of it. She knew that the start of term was... more
          • Late Acceptance Last YearBrielle Hawkins, Sat Apr 26 20:29
            "I'm alright, thanks," Brielle replied with a small smile, then looked back to the bonfire. Even though she'd said the fire was nice, she was just trying to start up a conversation. The gray flame... more
            • AhhKrystal Baitman, Sat May 3 01:34
              “M'ok,” Krystal responded. Occasionally, she would drop things into conversations by accident that other people found shocking, not really realising how controversial they were because, for her, they ... more
              • Re: AhhBrielle Hawkins, Thu May 8 19:46
                "Nah, not hungry," Brielle lied. The truth was, she was hungry, but all summer in her foster home, Evan had made fun of her for eating a lot while going through her growth spurt. Typically, these... more
      • Welcome to WondersGilly Grant, Mon Apr 21 16:41
        Gilly was still staring dully at the dreamcatcher, cupped in her palms, when a fellow new student behind her gave her an impatient prod, urging her forth toward the bonfire. She complied, stumbling a ... more
        • It's a wonderful world!Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Sat May 3 12:27
          “Woooo!” Kašpar loudly cheered, calloused palms smacking together solidly while the flock of new firstie students dispersed to their respective bonfires. He’d had a surprising amount of fun being a... more
      • The lady killer is here! Jesse Ramos, Mon Apr 21 14:56
        Jesse Ramos entered the Finer Diner with swagger. He was dressed in a blue smoking shirt, and white linen pants, that still had the white sand of the beach behind his house still clinging to the... more
        • Lucky me.Arwen Gallagher, Thu Apr 24 16:32
          Arwen had mixed emotions about going back to school. On one point Rocky Mountain International was a pretty cool place to be honestly. She liked the place to be fair, it was better than most schools. ... more
      • A Grey StartErienne Malistaire, Sun Apr 20 22:00
        Erin walked next to Sam, feeling happy that their friendship had been somewhat repaired. Erin made a vow to herself that she wouldn’t abandon her friend, not again. Even if they weren’t in the same... more
        • The colors could be cheerier, but so could you.Demitri de Frčre, Sun Apr 20 22:49
          Demitri honestly couldn’t recall why it was that he had liked the attention of the girls on Isle de Frčre, because all he knew was that over the break he just wanted them to leave him alone. They... more
          • Could I?Erin, Mon Apr 21 10:14
            Erin scowled as the elder boy sat down. How dare he think she didn’t want to be alone? As he sat food in front of her, she found that she actually was hungry. Her stomach rumbled but she just pushed... more
    • CETUS BONFIRE (nm)Deputy Head de Villiers, Sat Apr 19 21:51
      • Trying new things, looking forward to one old thing!Carrick Pendergast, Mon Apr 21 14:32
        Carrick landed well enough, with his short legs from the portkey he had barely gotten his bearings when he heard his sister wish him a good term and using that horrid nickname for him. He mumbled... more
        • I must admire your adventurous attitude Aoife McGuire, Tue Apr 22 16:42
          Aoife was exhausted. She had spent the previous night at a party with a bunch of her friends. Although she had promised to be home by twelve, the sixteen year old had lost track of time and ended up... more
          • Well it's time to do more then admire!Carrick Pendergast, Wed Apr 23 11:36
            Carrick grinned widely when he saw the person he had spoken too was Aoife. The two had interacted some through their five years as classmates but really Carrick wondered why they didn’t interact... more
      • Back for another yearArnold Bittleby, Sun Apr 20 22:18
        Somehow Arnold Bittleby had made it through a whole year at RMI and now he was back for another one. He had hoped to be taller by this point, but sadly that wasn’t the case. The now second year... more
        • First year for me!Linden Wrey, Tue Apr 22 04:23
          "Blue?" Linden couldn't help but find herself slightly disappointed that it hadn't turned red or green. Now she wouldn't be with any of her siblings, but one the bright side, Cetus seemed like a nice ... more
          • Welcome then!Arnold, Tue Apr 22 08:59
            Arnold raised his brows at the mention of the girl’s name. He thought she looked familiar, but now that he knew she was a first year he didn’t feel bad for not knowing her name. "Oh yeah? I’m friends ... more
            • "Oh yeah? I’m friends with your brother, Chris. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Arnold Bittleby.” Arnold Bittleby? The younger girl didn't remember than name, though Chris wouldn't really talk about any... more
      • A Blue Start [Emily Wiggins]Ryan Stark, Sun Apr 20 14:17
        Ryan was late for orientation. He didn’t see the point of even going, since his sister had gone the previous year. What was the point in having a family member go then go yourself? Of course, he did... more
        • Let's make it better then!Emily Wiggins, Sun Apr 20 21:14
          Emily Wiggins was beyond excited to be back at RMI. Looking back, she couldn’t believe how nervous she had been to come to the school in the first place. As a first year she had made many friends,... more
          • How about a burnt start?Ryan Stark, Sun Apr 20 22:24
            Ryan blinked as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Luckily, the girl who’d tapped him had avoided his sunburn. He smiled weakly as she introduced her name. Emily? he thought. Is this the same Emily that... more
            • If you think that's best Emily, Sun Apr 20 22:46
              Emily smiled as the boy began to talk to her. She nodded when he wanted to confirm if her name was Emily. “Yep, I’m Emily Wiggins, second year.” She never realized that people could just skip... more
              • Probably not.Rysn Stark, Tue Apr 22 11:09
                He paused as Emily confirmed that Rose was his sister. Did she think it was a bad, or strange thing? He remembered Rose telling him about her first two friends here at RMI and how one of them had... more
                • Then do what you willEmily, Tue Apr 22 22:24
                  “Cooling charms from Quiddich, right?” Emily raised her eyebrows; this guy was sharp. She still couldn’t believe that he was related to Rose, who had seemed so on edge during the beginning of the... more
      • New beginnings!Samantha Knowles, Sat Apr 19 22:32
        Sam glanced over at Erin as they walked to the Finer Diner. As usual, her friend looked calm and collected. She wouldn’t be surprised if Erin was nervous; she just had a knack for hiding her... more
    • DRACO BONFIRE (nm) — Deputy Head de Villiers, Sat Apr 19 21:51
      • Returning from an adventurous summerCalvin Marcus, Sat Apr 26 19:51
        Cal walked into the Diner feeling excited for the new school year after an eventful summer. He had visited Aoife and her parents in Ireland, which made for his first trip ever out of the United... more
      • No one notice me!Jace Sullivan, Wed Apr 23 11:43
        Jace has enjoyed Orientation, the only time his emotions had gotten the best of him and changed something on him was when he was alone at night. The other morning he had woken up with platinum blonde ... more
      • Nothing to look forward to, really.Pamela Wrey, Mon Apr 21 15:53
        Breathe in, breathe out. Dark fingers tried to keep grip on ceramic rim. Air escaped her lips, her entire body trembling. Nausea stormed around inside her stomach, threatening to erupt any second.... more
        • Wrong. Here I am to brighten your day!Benjamin Adler, Tue Apr 22 10:35
          It was customary in the Adler household for Benjamin to receive extra lessons during the holidays. His grades never reached the high standards expected of him and even if they had, Ulrich held little ... more
          • Pamela finally found Linden among the rest of the Ceti, she looked like she was chatting with some boy who couldn't have been much older than herself. The fifteen year old found her lips twitching,... more
            • I only hope my mood will be infectious Benjamin , Fri Apr 25 15:55
              Benjamin could not decide whether the girl was happy to have been interrupted from her thoughts by him. It seemed to him that she might be too polite to tell him to clear off and would rather be... more
    • LYRA BONFIRE (nm)Deputy Head de Villiers, Sat Apr 19 21:50
      • Anyone for a sing along? John O'Neill , Wed Apr 23 14:29
        The first time he had entered the Finer Diner, Jack hadn’t really taken the time to just observe everything around him. With the four bright bonfires taking up residence in the room, it was much... more
      • Gracing the place with my presence Charline Adler , Tue Apr 22 15:36
        At first she had enjoyed the solitude that came with Summer vacation. However, the pattern continued to be the same as that of previous Summers. Never would she miss the other girls she reluctantly... more
      • Bac for round two [Beka]Rosemary Stark, Tue Apr 22 04:54
        Rose watched her brother disapper with a roll of her eyes. He didn’t know what he was missing when he decided go just skip a full week of getting to know RMI. Sure, last year it’d been tuff for her... more
        • We'll be sure to make it the best!Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Tue Apr 22 19:55
          Beka Hiemer was running late...again. She had gotten up at dawn, ready and excited to be heading over to Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Enlightenment. (She didn't always call it its... more
          • Breaking Things is... fun?Rose, Tue Apr 22 22:13
            Rose smiled up at Beka. “I’d be a little worried if I wasn’t alive and kicking.” she laughed before letting out a startled yelp as her friend pulled her into a hug, knocking her Chef Salad out of her ... more
            • Breaking things is my life!Beka Hiemer, Wed Apr 23 18:09
              Beka Hiemer really couldn't understand why she always managed to break things, even, especially if...she was trying to fix them. Her father could attest to that, and even keep a straight face ... more
      • Here's hoping there's been no mistakeCrystal Glausse, Tue Apr 22 02:24
        Crystal stared down at her dream catcher in disbelief. It’d turned green. Green? How in the world did she end up in Lyra? She had thought she’d be in Aquila or Cetus or even Draco before she’d end up ... more
        • There hasn’t been, don’t worry.Safire Hathaway, Tue Apr 22 05:07
          Safire—or Saf, Affy, Saffy—whichever was preferred (though she certainly preferred Saf or Safire over the other two) didn’t have the hard look in her eyes that almost everyone in her class had come... more
      • Last term, for real this time!Riley Finn, Mon Apr 21 15:12
        Riley Finn had enjoyed his last time as mentor. Now, the seventeen year old wizard stood in the room that had been his for almost his whole time at RMI gazing at himself. He wore the red Dolce and... more
      • A third year back, this time with plans.Alannah Pendergast, Mon Apr 21 14:18
        Alannah Pendergast landed as gracefully as a Pureblood lady should from a Portkey. The red haired girl smiled, as she looked over at her older, yet smaller brother. “Have a good term, Carrie.” she... more
        • I can help! I mean, if you want...Christopher Wrey, Thu Apr 24 17:07
          "Goodbye Mother, Father," The pureblood addressed his parents, then turning to his younger step-sister "Lucy." Christopher tried to tame the coldness in his voice as he stared down with his bright... more
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