Emily Wiggins
Let's make it better then!
Sun Apr 20, 2014 21:14

Emily Wiggins was beyond excited to be back at RMI. Looking back, she couldn’t believe how nervous she had been to come to the school in the first place. As a first year she had made many friends, joined the Quidditch team, and was a member of student council. Though her grades hadn’t been perfect (thanks to Quidditch and goofing off with her friend Beka), they were satisfactory. It had been a good year, and hopefully her second year would be even better.

After hug-attacking everyone she knew, Emily bounded over to the Cetus bonfire. Exactly one year ago she had been a gloomy first year upset over her sorting. Now, however, Cetus was her home and she couldn’t imagine being in any other house. She couldn’t wait to catch up with all of her housemates.

Emily smiled and tried to look friendly to all of the first years who walked by—she didn’t want them to be intimidated by all of the older students. Just as she was about to go sit with Arnold, Emily noticed a boy who was sitting alone. He didn’t seem terribly happy, though she could tell that he was trying to hide it. Her mind flashed back to last year’s Opening Feast when Carrick had gone out of his way to try and make her feel welcome. Now it was time to repay the favor. Flipping her long brown braid over her shoulder, Emily put on her best “I’m-going-to-be-your-new-best-friend” smile and approached the boy. As she got closer, she realized he was sunburnt; that meant he liked to be outside, so the two already had something in common.
She tapped him gently on the shoulder (trying not to irritate his sunburn).

“Hi there! My name’s Emily.” She decided not to call him out on his mood, but instead try to start a conversation. “So, what were you doing outside all day that resulted in that sunburn?”

As a house elf walked by she grabbed a plate of pie. Who needed real food anyways?

  • A Blue Start [Emily Wiggins]Ryan Stark, Sun Apr 20 14:17
    Ryan was late for orientation. He didn’t see the point of even going, since his sister had gone the previous year. What was the point in having a family member go then go yourself? Of course, he did... more
    • Let's make it better then! — Emily Wiggins, Sun Apr 20 21:14
      • How about a burnt start?Ryan Stark, Sun Apr 20 22:24
        Ryan blinked as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Luckily, the girl who’d tapped him had avoided his sunburn. He smiled weakly as she introduced her name. Emily? he thought. Is this the same Emily that... more
        • If you think that's best Emily, Sun Apr 20 22:46
          Emily smiled as the boy began to talk to her. She nodded when he wanted to confirm if her name was Emily. “Yep, I’m Emily Wiggins, second year.” She never realized that people could just skip... more
          • Probably not.Rysn Stark, Tue Apr 22 11:09
            He paused as Emily confirmed that Rose was his sister. Did she think it was a bad, or strange thing? He remembered Rose telling him about her first two friends here at RMI and how one of them had... more
            • Then do what you willEmily, Tue Apr 22 22:24
              “Cooling charms from Quiddich, right?” Emily raised her eyebrows; this guy was sharp. She still couldn’t believe that he was related to Rose, who had seemed so on edge during the beginning of the... more
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