Ryan Stark
How about a burnt start?
Sun Apr 20, 2014 22:24

Ryan blinked as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Luckily, the girl who’d tapped him had avoided his sunburn. He smiled weakly as she introduced her name.
Emily? he thought. Is this the same Emily that Ro was talking about? he set his sandwich down and moved over so she could sit down.

“I was outside all day.” he replied. “I didn’t feel like coming to Orientation so I just spent all week with my friends and sister outside.” he laughed. “It’s kind of surprising. Up until she came home this summer she’d never wanted to come outside with my friends and myself.” he picked up his sandwich again as she took a pie. “So, you’re names Emily?” he said in between bites.

As he swallowed he tilted his head at her, “I wish I had come to Orientaion, though. I would’ve had more friends here. But that’s alright. I’ll make friends eventually.My name’s Ryan. Ryan Stark, by the way.” he said and continued to eat his sandwich before trading the empty plate for a glass of rootbeer. He turned to her as he sipped on his drink.

“I’m guessing you like to be outside and you get, or used to get, sunburnt alot. Most people wouldn’t even notice a sunburn when it’s hidden under fabric. The fire isn’t actually helping it.” he shrugged, flinching as he did so.

  • Let's make it better then!Emily Wiggins, Sun Apr 20 21:14
    Emily Wiggins was beyond excited to be back at RMI. Looking back, she couldn’t believe how nervous she had been to come to the school in the first place. As a first year she had made many friends,... more
    • How about a burnt start? — Ryan Stark, Sun Apr 20 22:24
      • If you think that's best Emily, Sun Apr 20 22:46
        Emily smiled as the boy began to talk to her. She nodded when he wanted to confirm if her name was Emily. “Yep, I’m Emily Wiggins, second year.” She never realized that people could just skip... more
        • Probably not.Rysn Stark, Tue Apr 22 11:09
          He paused as Emily confirmed that Rose was his sister. Did she think it was a bad, or strange thing? He remembered Rose telling him about her first two friends here at RMI and how one of them had... more
          • Then do what you willEmily, Tue Apr 22 22:24
            “Cooling charms from Quiddich, right?” Emily raised her eyebrows; this guy was sharp. She still couldn’t believe that he was related to Rose, who had seemed so on edge during the beginning of the... more
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