If you think that's best
Sun Apr 20, 2014 22:46

Emily smiled as the boy began to talk to her. She nodded when he wanted to confirm if her name was Emily.

“Yep, I’m Emily Wiggins, second year.”

She never realized that people could just skip Orientation; her parents never made that seem like an option. Oh well, she had enjoyed Orientation and would have been completely lost without it. As a muggleborn, some things at RMI still surprised her.

The Cetus was glad this new boy liked to talk; she briefly wondered whether his sister was older or younger until he introduced himself.

My name’s Ryan. Ryan Stark, by the way.

Emily’s blue eyes widened in shock. She relaxed quickly, hoping Ryan hadn’t noticed. This boy, who seemed to like talking almost as much as she did, was the brother of Rosemary ? Rosemary was probably the most painfully shy girl she had ever met; how on Earth was she related to this kid? She decided to play it cool.

“Oh, you’re Rose’s brother?" she asked nonchalantly. "Yeah, I know her since she’s in my year.”

Emily decided not to mention the fact that she had made his sister cry during their very first day at RMI. Chances were he probably already knew that anyways. Hopefully he didn’t hate her for it; she hadn’t done it on purpose anyhow. And besides, she and Rose didn’t completely loathe each other anymore—they weren’t friends, but since they both hung out with Beka they saw each other often.

“And yeah, I spend pretty much my whole summer outside. My family has a lake house so there’s a lot to do outdoors. My mom makes me put on sunblock a lot but it doesn’t stop me from getting tan!”

Emily frowned as the boy flinched from the heat. She knew both heating and cooling charms thanks to Quidditch, but she doubted she was allowed to use them right now, especially on a new student.

I’d help you out if I could, but I doubt I’m allowed to cast charms on first years,” she said.

  • How about a burnt start?Ryan Stark, Sun Apr 20 22:24
    Ryan blinked as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Luckily, the girl who’d tapped him had avoided his sunburn. He smiled weakly as she introduced her name. Emily? he thought. Is this the same Emily that... more
    • If you think that's best — Emily, Sun Apr 20 22:46
      • Probably not.Rysn Stark, Tue Apr 22 11:09
        He paused as Emily confirmed that Rose was his sister. Did she think it was a bad, or strange thing? He remembered Rose telling him about her first two friends here at RMI and how one of them had... more
        • Then do what you willEmily, Tue Apr 22 22:24
          “Cooling charms from Quiddich, right?” Emily raised her eyebrows; this guy was sharp. She still couldn’t believe that he was related to Rose, who had seemed so on edge during the beginning of the... more
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