Demitri de Frčre
The colors could be cheerier, but so could you.
Sun Apr 20, 2014 22:49

Demitri honestly couldn’t recall why it was that he had liked the attention of the girls on Isle de Frčre, because all he knew was that over the break he just wanted them to leave him alone. They were like vultures more than ever, clawing at him, picking at him, trying to get his attention by any means possible. He was pretty sure a few of the magical ones had tried to slip him a love potion once or twice.

It was things like that which made Demitri miss Rocky Mountain more and more each day. He hated having to go back to being the prince all the time. He missed the casualness of the people who didn’t know that he was French royalty. He craved the quiet places that he could disappear to, or the simple rowdiness of the Rec Center at its busiest. He longed for the ease of the life of someone who wasn’t important, someone who was free as a bird with no restrictions to tie them down. That was why he loved RMI.

So it was only natural for him to feel more at ease the moment his feet touched the floor of the Finer Diner. It was the first time he was there for the Opening Feast; he hadn’t been able to arrive early enough the previous year to attend. He watched with curiosity as the new kids were sorted, watching as a few of them scattered off to the different colored fires. The fires themselves weren’t very bright and Demitri thought that they could have done with a little more flare, but hey, he wasn’t going to be the one to make it happen.

He moved his way through the small crowd of people once the sortings were over, looking for a nice place to sit and a plate of food that didn’t look disgusting. Half of the food he had seen looked either exotic, or completely unappetizing, so he focused more on finding a place to sit instead of the food. He spotted a first year (or so he assumed judging by the fact that she was tiny and sitting alone) and moved in her direction. Once he got close to the area she was sitting at, he heard her snap.

“I hope you have a reason for coming over here. Because I happen to like being alone.”

Demitri was slightly taken aback at the young girl’s comment. He wondered why she was like that, because it certainly wasn’t the way he’d seen most people get greeted at Rocky Mountain. Then again, the only person he really knew and talked to was Olivia and well, there was the obvious reason for that. The Aquila didn’t really believe his new housemate. All Demitri was reminded of was the way Violette responded when her friend couldn’t go somewhere or she didn’t know anyone at the place. The sixteen year old assumed it was the latter and sat beside the girl.

“Now that’s not true,” he said, grabbing two plates of relatively normal looking food (finally) from a house elf. He set one down in front of her and the other in front of himself. He didn’t really care if she didn’t want the food; it was just a potential conversation starter. “No one really likes to be alone; some people just don’t yet know how to meet new people. Now if you really want me to leave I will, but until you give me a good reason, I’m staying right here comprendre petite fille?”

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    • The colors could be cheerier, but so could you. — Demitri de Frčre, Sun Apr 20 22:49
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