Could I?
Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:14

Erin scowled as the elder boy sat down. How dare he think she didn’t want to be alone? As he sat food in front of her, she found that she actually was hungry. Her stomach rumbled but she just pushed the food around on her plate. He looked about sixteen, so that meant his sixth (maybe seventh) year. As he started to talk she noticed his French accent and frowned. If he was French then why was he in Colorado if he could’ve gone somewhere else? She didn’t understand. She would’ve prefered too go to Hogwarts or somewhere else. Anywhere beside this stupid school.

“Now that’s not true,”

Yes, it was. It was true. At least, she thought it was. Who wouldn’t want to be alone after being sorted? She wanted time to sulk (again) before the classes actually started. Grumbling, she took a small bite of the pasta, her eyes drifting away from glaring at him.

“Now if you really want me to leave I will, but until you give me a good reason, I’m staying right herecomprendre petite fille?

For a few minutes she pretended like she didn’t hear him. She didn’t really want him to go, but at the same time she kind of did. Was it wrong that, for tonight, she wanted to be alone?

“Why are you going to this school?” she asked with a tilt of her head, subconiously swinging her legs (she was a little bit to short, so her legs dangeled). “I’d prefer going to Hogwarts, where I should’ve gone. If Daddy hadn’t been relocated here, Sammy and I would be at Hogwarts.”

  • The colors could be cheerier, but so could you.Demitri de Frère, Sun Apr 20 22:49
    Demitri honestly couldn’t recall why it was that he had liked the attention of the girls on Isle de Frère, because all he knew was that over the break he just wanted them to leave him alone. They... more
    • Could I? — Erin, Mon Apr 21 10:14
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