Pamela Wrey
Nothing to look forward to, really.
Mon Apr 21, 2014 15:53

Breathe in, breathe out.

Dark fingers tried to keep grip on ceramic rim. Air escaped her lips, her entire body trembling. Nausea stormed around inside her stomach, threatening to erupt any second. The bathroom was spinning around her, hairs on the back of her head standing up and Pamela Wrey managed to make a low groan in call for help.

Breathe in, breathe out.

The Doctor said it wasn't suppose to get worse.

Breathe in, breathe out.

After a few years, you're supposed to get used it. It's supposed to be just a minor thing. Why was she feeling like this now? Her body gave her a simple response by having her lean over the toilet again.

"Pam...?" Her little brother's voice echoed from behind her. His breaking voice shook, he was scared. The fourteen year old attempt to wave him away, he shouldn't have to see her like this.

"I'm going to get mum..." He said urgently, beginning to sprint off, wishing to escape the sight of his sister.

"NO!" Pam yelled at him in a sore voice that had not been used in a long time, but he was already halfway downstairs. The girl moaned and turned back to the toilet. The last person she wanted trying to help her was her mother. The only person she could trust in this big estate was Linden, who had left her a week ago to be introduced to school. It was ridiculous how young they let little kids into proper schools now anyway, Linden was just a baby and she wasn't gonna grow anytime soon.

"Pamela are you- oh, Pamela!" She heard Hannah Damon, run to her side. She felt the warmth of her mother's hand on her cold shoulder.

"Pamela, you're boiling, how long have you been up here?" Her mother's voice was caring, in a way that made Pam recall times before all of this Pureblood rubbish. Though, Pam refused to respond. Hannah managed to get her to her feet, Pam was almost as tall as her now as she had found she'd grown quite a bit over the holiday. Though she had been too busy trying to sleep and read. It came on slowly, it was always in the back of her mind, like something was out to get her, but Pam's body slowly began to loose interest in food, going outside her bedroom and sleep, no matter how much she really wanted to. It was strange and honestly, it scared her. This wasn't the first time she found herself over the toilet, or having sleepless nights. Her body just seemed to shutting down on her.


The werewolf stood in front of the mirror. She looked like a train wreck. Her eyes had dark circles, she was getting thinner as well to her alarm and her cheeks were red. Not the healthy glow of exercise or a winters day, no she was feverish and despite the amount of tablets shook, it wasn't coming down anytime soon. The fever also meant she had her dark hair tied into a high ponytail and was wearing only some denim jeans, blue t-shirt and thin purple hoodie. She realised probably no one would recognise her in such a normal amount of clothing.

The house elves Polly and Egg had packed her trunk for her and had her red dream catcher ready. Pam didn't plan on saying goodbye, it's not like any of the members at the house were bothered about her leaving anyway. Though she could hear Oliver saying his loud goodbyes to Christopher downstairs.
"Goodbye, miss," Egg the house elf said, smiling. Polly said the same and touching the dream catcher, Pam was swept off to school.

Touch landing, the official fifth year began her journey to the Diner already anxious about her amount of clothing and how exposed she felt. She took her yearly position at the Draco fire, at the back out of everybody's way. She kept to herself, the fire already recreating her dying fever. Pam looked around for maybe a familiar face, maybe Killian, or Linden. Though Linden would be up with the other first years and Killian would probably be enjoying his time at the Aquila fire, and Pam hoped he did, as she didn't want him thinking he had to be with her every second of the day.

The girl watched intently as the first years began the sorting. She spotted her younger sister and her bright orange top and watched as she made her way over to the blue fire. Cetus. Pam smiled, knowing her sister had been sorted well.

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    • Nothing to look forward to, really. — Pamela Wrey, Mon Apr 21 15:53
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            Benjamin could not decide whether the girl was happy to have been interrupted from her thoughts by him. It seemed to him that she might be too polite to tell him to clear off and would rather be... more
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