Gilly Grant
Welcome to Wonders
Mon Apr 21, 2014 16:41

Gilly was still staring dully at the dreamcatcher, cupped in her palms, when a fellow new student behind her gave her an impatient prod, urging her forth toward the bonfire. She complied, stumbling a little on her way to claim a seat and, inevitably, gaping.
In awe, of course. She'd never seen anything like any of this! Eyes wide in her round face, the Muggle-born drank Rocky Mountain in, in a daze of disbelief. The well-made object she clutched was richer in quality than any of the clothes she'd worn growing up. (They'd mostly been her big sisters' cast-offs, anyway. But she wasn't complaining.)
A cheer had gone up when she and the rest of the new Aquilas joined their house. She'd certainly never been cheered before, either. Maybe that was a signal, a good one. Things would be different here, Gilly decided, as she let the warmth of the flames envelope her - the little shack-esque house back home had never had central heating, so she was no stranger to bonfires, though this one would clearly neglect to include the shrivelling crisp packets and cans her father usually stoked the burn with, if he was around. Here would be so different.
She pushed back her limp, light mouse hair and stared around. Most of her fellow Aquilas were getting accquainted. She probably ought to too - with a final gnaw on her thumb's hangnail (she'd yet to realize that her rather prominent teeth were nail-chewing again), Gilly turned to the nearest student to her.
"It's so big here! Bigger than my house. It's amazin'. Don't you think?"

  • AQUILA BONFIRE (nm)Deputy Head de Villiers, Sat Apr 19 21:52
    • First Bonfire but Second YearBrielle Hawkins, Tue Apr 22 19:41
      Brielle had arrived at the bonfire rather early, searching for one of her two mentees. She felt like she hadn't done the best job at Orientation and could only hope they would enjoy themselves at the ... more
      • How come?Krystal Baitman, Sat Apr 26 01:03
        Krystal had picked up last year that the time at RMI was vastly different to what it was in the UK. However, she had never figured out the precise maths of it. She knew that the start of term was... more
        • Late Acceptance Last YearBrielle Hawkins, Sat Apr 26 20:29
          "I'm alright, thanks," Brielle replied with a small smile, then looked back to the bonfire. Even though she'd said the fire was nice, she was just trying to start up a conversation. The gray flame... more
          • AhhKrystal Baitman, Sat May 3 01:34
            “M'ok,” Krystal responded. Occasionally, she would drop things into conversations by accident that other people found shocking, not really realising how controversial they were because, for her, they ... more
            • Re: AhhBrielle Hawkins, Thu May 8 19:46
              "Nah, not hungry," Brielle lied. The truth was, she was hungry, but all summer in her foster home, Evan had made fun of her for eating a lot while going through her growth spurt. Typically, these... more
    • Welcome to Wonders — Gilly Grant, Mon Apr 21 16:41
      • It's a wonderful world!Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Sat May 3 12:27
        “Woooo!” Kašpar loudly cheered, calloused palms smacking together solidly while the flock of new firstie students dispersed to their respective bonfires. He’d had a surprising amount of fun being a... more
    • The lady killer is here! Jesse Ramos, Mon Apr 21 14:56
      Jesse Ramos entered the Finer Diner with swagger. He was dressed in a blue smoking shirt, and white linen pants, that still had the white sand of the beach behind his house still clinging to the... more
      • Lucky me.Arwen Gallagher, Thu Apr 24 16:32
        Arwen had mixed emotions about going back to school. On one point Rocky Mountain International was a pretty cool place to be honestly. She liked the place to be fair, it was better than most schools. ... more
    • A Grey StartErienne Malistaire, Sun Apr 20 22:00
      Erin walked next to Sam, feeling happy that their friendship had been somewhat repaired. Erin made a vow to herself that she wouldn’t abandon her friend, not again. Even if they weren’t in the same... more
      • The colors could be cheerier, but so could you.Demitri de Frčre, Sun Apr 20 22:49
        Demitri honestly couldn’t recall why it was that he had liked the attention of the girls on Isle de Frčre, because all he knew was that over the break he just wanted them to leave him alone. They... more
        • Could I?Erin, Mon Apr 21 10:14
          Erin scowled as the elder boy sat down. How dare he think she didn’t want to be alone? As he sat food in front of her, she found that she actually was hungry. Her stomach rumbled but she just pushed... more
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