Crystal Glausse
Here's hoping there's been no mistake
Tue Apr 22, 2014 02:24

Crystal stared down at her dream catcher in disbelief. It’d turned green. Green? How in the world did she end up in Lyra? She had thought she’d be in Aquila or Cetus or even Draco before she’d end up there.

According to the mentor she’d shyly followed around, Lyrans were all into the Fine Arts. Well, she couldn’t draw to save her soul. She’d never acted outside of Sunday school pageants. As music was important to her mom and her family, she could play the guitar and bodrhan fairly well for her age and though she enjoyed playing them, she wasn’t a prodigy or anything. She could sing well enough when the family got together, but she never thought her voice was particularly outstanding.

She just couldn’t figure it out. Oh, well. Perhaps it was a mistake and they’d switch her eventually when they discovered their error. Either that or she’d find within herself some awesome hidden talent she didn’t know existed. Who knew.

As the deep auburn haired girl made her way to the Lyra table, she was glad at least she’d had time to make herself presentable. Thanks to some hair potion her mom sent along, she was able to braid her unruly curls into a herring bone braid that was fairly neat. Her nose was free of smudges. If only her parents would allow her to use makeup. They’d banned it until she turned 13.

Crystal sat down and began to contemplate what food she should choose. Everything looked so good. Of course, she would never give up the belief that her daddy was the greatest cook in all the universe, but she had to admit she’d been fed well throughout Orientation.

The thought of her dad’s cooking gave her a pang of homesickness. Although things had gone fairly well and almost everyone was really nice, she still didn’t want to be gone from home for most of the year. If only she could just be home on the weekends, she wouldn’t feel so adrift. Would she ever actually like living here? She’d promised her parents that she would at least give it until the Winter holidays, but Crystal honestly didn’t think she could last that long. Well, no sense in getting all depressed and teary at what was supposed to be a party.

You can’t make friends by being a downer. She chided herself.

Settling on a yummy looking cheeseburger with a fried macaroni bun and fries with cheese and gravy and a chocolate lava shake, she began to eat. It did taste as good as it looked. She decided she’d send an owl to her dad and tell him about it. After a few first bites, Crystal worked up the courage to say hi to the students sitting with her.

“Are you excited about this year?” she asked the person to her right as a conversation starter. “I wonder how insane our schedules are going to be.”

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    • Here's hoping there's been no mistake — Crystal Glausse, Tue Apr 22 02:24
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