Linden Wrey
First year for me!
Tue Apr 22, 2014 04:23

"Blue?" Linden couldn't help but find herself slightly disappointed that it hadn't turned red or green. Now she wouldn't be with any of her siblings, but one the bright side, Cetus seemed like a nice house. The dark skinned girl made her way quickly to the bonfire, craning her neck to see Pam or Chris but she couldn't spot either. Making herself home at the blue fire, Linden was surprised to find the fire as warm as it was, though was grateful as she had decided to wear an orange t-shirt and half-length cropped jeans. The girl stretched her legs out towards the fire, happy with her position. Now just to start a conversation with someone.

"Hey there! How was your summer?" asked a person from her left, turning to face them, she found that she was talking to a boy. He looked older than her, but not by much. Her summer? Her summer was...awful, now that she thought about it. The entire thing had been one big argument after the other and her ten year old step-sister Lucy, who would be joining her Ollie's siblings next year, was becoming more unbearable by the minute.

"Oh, it was good, thanks,". Linden lied, not wanting to bring the conversation down "Yeah, spent a lot of time with family, it was good fun."

Well, the only thing fun was that Christopher's voice was starting break, which was best thing when they were at the dinner table and he asked: "Linden? Could you pass me thE SALT?" Though her mother told Linden off every time she laughed as apparently it hurt Chris' feelings though he hadn't told him herself.

"What about you?" She asked, smiling at the boy "I'm Linden, by the way. Linden Wrey."

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    • First year for me! — Linden Wrey, Tue Apr 22 04:23
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