Safire Hathaway
There hasn’t been, don’t worry.
Tue Apr 22, 2014 05:07

Safire—or Saf, Affy, Saffy—whichever was preferred (though she certainly preferred Saf or Safire over the other two) didn’t have the hard look in her eyes that almost everyone in her class had come to know. No, infact, she was holding her little sister—Sydney—who was only a few months old. For once, she was jelous of her younger sister and brother. They’d be staying home while the almost-thirteen-year-old was off at school, learning how to be a wizard. She had to admit, however, that one more year without Sophie at RMI was going to be bliss—she didn’t want to deal with her siblings while she was at school as well as while she was at home.

She unhappily passed little Sydney back to her parents and prepared for departure. At exactly Six o’clock her dream catcher began to warm and she found herself back in the Fire Dinner. She tried to put her nonchalant, i-don’t-care-about-you expression on but she just couldn’t.

The second year watched the first years come in before grabbing a slice of pizza.

“Are you excited about this year?” she asked the person to her right as a conversation starter. “I wonder how insane our schedules are going to be.”

She turned towards the voice. “Of course I’m excited for the year.” She said smoothly. “Aren’t you? First year is always the best.” She paused. “The schedules isn’t that bad—you’ll have some with the second and third years.”

  • Here's hoping there's been no mistakeCrystal Glausse, Tue Apr 22 02:24
    Crystal stared down at her dream catcher in disbelief. It’d turned green. Green? How in the world did she end up in Lyra? She had thought she’d be in Aquila or Cetus or even Draco before she’d end up ... more
    • There hasn’t been, don’t worry. — Safire Hathaway, Tue Apr 22 05:07
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