Welcome then!
Tue Apr 22, 2014 08:59

Arnold raised his brows at the mention of the girlís name. He thought she looked familiar, but now that he knew she was a first year he didnít feel bad for not knowing her name.

"Oh yeah? Iím friends with your brother, Chris. Itís nice to meet you, Iím Arnold Bittleby.Ē He stuck out his hand. Arnold hadnít spoken to Chris in a while, but he figured he could still consider them friends. He briefly wondered how many children were in the Wrey family, but decided against asking lest it make her uncomfortable. As an only child, Arnold sometimes wondered what it would be growing up with multiple siblingsóit would be a lot less quiet for sure, but at least heíd have someone to talk to when his parents were at work.

ďMy summer was good, I spent a lot of time outside which was nice.Ē The brown haired bow studied his shoes as he spoke. His mother had finally forced him to get a new pair of shoes after the old ones nearly fell apart. His time outside had successfully broken the new ones in, though they werenít nearly as familiar as heíd like them to be.

Arnold flitted his hazel eyes back to Lindenís face; he didnít want her to think he wasnít interested in talking to her.

ďSo, I guess you already know a lot about RMI, huh? What are you most looking forward to this year?Ē

  • First year for me!Linden Wrey, Tue Apr 22 04:23
    "Blue?" Linden couldn't help but find herself slightly disappointed that it hadn't turned red or green. Now she wouldn't be with any of her siblings, but one the bright side, Cetus seemed like a nice ... more
    • Welcome then! — Arnold, Tue Apr 22 08:59
      • "Oh yeah? Iím friends with your brother, Chris. Itís nice to meet you, Iím Arnold Bittleby.Ē Arnold Bittleby? The younger girl didn't remember than name, though Chris wouldn't really talk about any... more
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