Benjamin Adler
Wrong. Here I am to brighten your day!
Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:35

It was customary in the Adler household for Benjamin to receive extra lessons during the holidays. His grades never reached the high standards expected of him and even if they had, Ulrich held little belief in his son's ability to process information. This along with some hidden truths, made him worry about the fate of the family. Once he passed on and Benjamin was in charge it was almost expected for things to fall apart. Ulrich's opinion was no secret to his wife and daughters but he did have the sense to conceal his doubts from outsiders.

Benjamin's most recent tutor was an Englishman who rather informally, asked to be called Roger. Roger was relatively young- about thirty- and very restless. He would pace around the study and fidget constantly. All things you'd think a teacher would never do. Benjamin had revived enough clips around the head, from tutors throughout the years to know that. But he liked Roger. Occasionally, Roger would hold lessons outdoors and act out scenes in full costume for history. Roger managed to make learning fun.

Not only that, but he was the first person to really believe in Benjamin. He didn't think the Draco was stupid. A little lazy and naive but far from an idiot. Roger said Benjamin was exceedingly bright. All he had to do was apply himself. Benjamin therefore intended on adopting a new attitude. He was going to impress everyone (but mainly Roger) and apply himself.

This was why the third year arrived in the diner clutching a thick volume entitled, “A History of Charms”. Perched on his nose was a pair of golden spectacles. They were too large for his face and continually slipped down. Benjamin had perfect eyesight and the glasses actually belonged to his deceased grandfather. He had chosen to wear them in order to ‘get into character’. Benjamin had always enjoyed playing characters in his imaginary games and following Roger’s advice, he had decided to put on a persona. The glasses made him feel intelligent although they hadn’t allowed him to quickly fly through the book. Benjamin was still trapped in chapter one.

He crawled to a spot nearest the flames and propped the book open against his knee. With a little sigh he turned to page six and scanned the first line. Right. Time to be smart and interested. And interesting. He quickly became frustrated and in one angry moment, considered tossing the text into the fire to be turned into ashes.

He sensed the people moving and talking around him. Benjamin was always at the edge of the social sphere and he wondered if maybe he should join in with the chattering friends. With Hubert safely stored away with his luggage, there was only this dull book to draw Benjamin’s attention away from the other students. He cleared his throat and snapped the book shut.

“Hallo,” he said simply to the girl sitting close by.

  • Nothing to look forward to, really.Pamela Wrey, Mon Apr 21 15:53
    Breathe in, breathe out. Dark fingers tried to keep grip on ceramic rim. Air escaped her lips, her entire body trembling. Nausea stormed around inside her stomach, threatening to erupt any second.... more
    • Wrong. Here I am to brighten your day! — Benjamin Adler, Tue Apr 22 10:35
      • Pamela finally found Linden among the rest of the Ceti, she looked like she was chatting with some boy who couldn't have been much older than herself. The fifteen year old found her lips twitching,... more
        • I only hope my mood will be infectious Benjamin , Fri Apr 25 15:55
          Benjamin could not decide whether the girl was happy to have been interrupted from her thoughts by him. It seemed to him that she might be too polite to tell him to clear off and would rather be... more
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