Charline Adler
Gracing the place with my presence
Tue Apr 22, 2014 15:36

At first she had enjoyed the solitude that came with Summer vacation. However, the pattern continued to be the same as that of previous Summers. Never would she miss the other girls she reluctantly shared her dormitory with. But there were only so many hours Charline could waste away in her bedroom, sending letter after letter and reading book after book. Life was dull enough at school and only succeeded in becoming even duller when she returned home. She had spent two entire weeks in France with her Maman and several of her younger cousins. It wasn’t that Charline was opposed to sunning herself on a beach when the weather was kind enough, but sand seemed to follow her around for days afterwards.

Charline had received a slight tan from the exercise although it had been accompanied with a severe headache. She couldn’t bare listening to the younger ones and had no interest in taking part in their games. As if that hadn’t been enough to deal with, her Aunt had dished out repetitive lectures on how a young lady should behave- as if she hadn’t heard enough of these! It was impossible to please them all and it became even harder to care when they made her out to be much worse than she was. The Lyra wasn’t actively taking part in some teenage rebellion. Maybe she was more irritable and frequently spoke out against her Papa, in ways she never would have dreamed of previously, that didn’t make her troublesome. It merely meant she was starting to think for herself.

They were always telling her what to do and how to do it. New rules peaked up every day and it was suffocating. Charline found it difficult to breath at home in Germany, which was the only reason she had agreed to the supposed ‘bonding’ trip to France with her Maman. Not that it had given her any relief. When not dealing with her interfering Aunt, Charline had been babysitting her Maman. It looked to her that the elder woman was constantly in the company of a suspicious looking flask. This was not unusual though in the past Clemence had been less disruptive. She was never violent yet her antics were irritating and increasingly embarrassing. She was escalating at a greater rate these days. Even Benjamin was starting to get fed up with it- not that he would admit it. Listening to him you would think she was an angel. Not that she would have to worry about any of it for a few months, anyway.

Charline choose to wear a brightly coloured floral dress to the Opening Feast. It was filled with greens, blues and oranges. It was shorter than her parents would have liked and this made her smirk. It wasn’t right to get such satisfaction from defying them and for a moment she felt guilt. As quickly as it had appeared the feeling dissolved as she thought of time free of their criticisms.Golden ringlets framed her small face and the petite fifth year tucked a few strands behind her right ear.

With little difficulty, she arrived in the diner standing upright with her skirt swishing from the swift mode of transport. The food would never be up to her high standards but she gladly accepted some exotic rice dish from a house elf. Ravenous, she glided towards the Lyra fire, ignoring any greeting sent her way. Charline held no interest in this years’ sad batch of first years and so she avoid them all. With poorly attempted grace Charline then started shoveling the food into her mouth, burning her lips in her haste.

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    • Gracing the place with my presence — Charline Adler , Tue Apr 22 15:36
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