Aoife McGuire
I must admire your adventurous attitude
Tue Apr 22, 2014 16:42

Aoife was exhausted. She had spent the previous night at a party with a bunch of her friends. Although she had promised to be home by twelve, the sixteen year old had lost track of time and ended up sneaking back into the house around three in the morning, only to find her mum half asleep on the couch, waiting for her. Needless to say Aoife’s parents had been furious. The Cetus knew their reaction was justified. It had been entirely irresponsible of her and had Aoife not been heading off to school, she knew she would be confined to the apartment for the next couple of weeks or perhaps even the rest of her life.

However, it wasn’t as if Aoife had done anything stupid. It was true one or two of her friends had questionable interests and got involved in things that only led to trouble- but that was them. Aoife had never been like that and she had no intention of letting peer pressure get the best of her. In the past her parents had praised her for having a ‘sensible head on her shoulders’ and she had been proud to be able to say she followed the rules. Even if it often made her boring to be around.

Now they were more likely to overreact and hold a family meeting so that their teenage daughter didn’t go off the rails completely. The Cetus’ parents had always been the overprotective kind and it had never really bothered Aoife before now. She couldn’t apologise enough for her late night out- though they were having none of it.

It was like they thought she would end up puffing cigarettes, hanging out in street corners and drinking suspiciously out of brown paper bags. All because she arrived home late, once!Perhaps her dad might have been a bit wild in his youth but it wasn’t going to be genetically passed on to his daughter. As if Aoife was interested in any of that. She had HEI meetings to plan and advanced Spellwork to get caught up on. The approaching school term had meant the halfblood didn’t have much time to state her case and defend herself. On the bright side it also reduced the hours they could alternate between sending sad looks her way, whilst giving her the silent treatment and then rapidly launching into lectures on how disappointed they were in her.

The Irish girl was looking a bit on the rough side when she landed in the Finer Diner. Her red hair was pulled up in it’s customary messy ponytail and she had puffy bags beneath her green eyes. Shuffling along she stifled a yawn and managed to greet some of her friends in reasonably good humour. Upon finding a place by the blue fire she asked a house elf politely for a cup of strong coffee and smiled widely when they quickly passed one to her. It smelled divine and she took a large gulp, forgetting to be cautious. As was typical the sixth year burnt her tongue and gosh did it hurt. But Aoife was a soldier and battled on, taking another (much more carefully measured) sip. Hopefully, this would help wake her up.

“Know what this is mate?”

Aoife glanced around to see Carrick Pendergast. She didn’t know him very well although he had always come across as the friendly sort to her. His familiar lilt never failed to make her smile as it was nice to have someone around from back home. However, after glancing at the odd coloured fruit she didn’t think she would be of much help to him.

“Uh-I it a- yeah. I haven’t a notion. Looks pretty cool though.You’ll have to tell me if it tastes good. They sure do have some exotic stuff here, don’t they? Even after five years I’ve yet to be very adventurous and brave, though. So I’ve got to admire your courage,” she said in quick succession.

  • Trying new things, looking forward to one old thing!Carrick Pendergast, Mon Apr 21 14:32
    Carrick landed well enough, with his short legs from the portkey he had barely gotten his bearings when he heard his sister wish him a good term and using that horrid nickname for him. He mumbled... more
    • I must admire your adventurous attitude — Aoife McGuire, Tue Apr 22 16:42
      • Well it's time to do more then admire!Carrick Pendergast, Wed Apr 23 11:36
        Carrick grinned widely when he saw the person he had spoken too was Aoife. The two had interacted some through their five years as classmates but really Carrick wondered why they didn’t interact... more
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