Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
We'll be sure to make it the best!
Tue Apr 22, 2014 19:55

Beka Hiemer was running late...again. She had gotten up at dawn, ready and excited to be heading over to Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Enlightenment. (She didn't always call it its full name anymore, but the start of term was a special occasion.) Her trunk was packed, or rather stuffed, full of things that she needed for the new school year, including a nice tangle of wires from some appliance her dad had given her- that she had been trying to put back together the entire summer. She had paced, hummed, read, stared at a wall, paced, and hummed, before she had finally given it up as a lost cause and gone to explore a new tunnel in that she had found in the network of caves that crisis-crossed beneath her woods. She figured Emily, Brielle, Krystal, and Cora (and even Arnold and Rosemary who were unwillingly dragged along on plenty an adventure) would love it. She really missed her friends. School maybe...not so much.

And she really couldn't wait to start playing Quidditch again. Adventure and excitement were right down Beka's alley (though she could be surprisingly patient at times) and something that you zoomed around on while flying; well, Beka took that as a win. Her family, as tight nit and happy as it might be, we was rather low on money- they could not afford a broom for Beka, though Beka was confident that circumstances would change if she made her house Quidditch team. It was really to bad that she had not made it last year, but, as ever, Beka was nothing if not optimistic. This year she knew would be different.

Beka had enjoyed herself in that cave for what seemed to her to be only an hour or two, but in reality was more like four or five hours. It was at least enough time that she found herself dashing along the path to her house following her mother's voice...again. Beka had an overwhelming sense of deja-vu. Well, at least that sense stretched far enough that her mother had sent her trunk ahead and brought her the grey-feathered dream catcher. And she was off.

Arriving at the opening feast instead of orientation was nice, and Beka was pleased to see the new newbie's scurry off to their fires. Beka didn't recognize any of them. Though she was a half-blood, her family lived in a small cottage in a smaller town in rural Colorado. It wasn't as if she had any extended contact with any wizarding groups of people away from school, excepting, perhaps, the muggle relations folk that worked with her mother.

Beka scanned the grey fire (the color was the only thing Beka was displeased about in her house- all the others were more festive) for any of her group of friends. Beka had a lot of friends. She was once described by her father as being, "...a cheerful, intelligent young girl, who makes friends with anybody who will talk to her, and several people who won't." It really was an accurate description. Not finding anybody she new closely at the Aquila fire, Beka shrugged and scanned the room. She wasn't sure if she was allowed to go to the other fires, but Beka had never had any consideration for the rules. There was Emily, already chatting away (as always.) There was Arnold, talking to a little firstie (that was so...Arnold of him.) And then Beka spotted Rosemary, still surveying the room, having already grabbed something to eat (Beka suddenly realized she had eaten no food since breakfast.)

Beka wandered over, and tapped her on the shoulder, purposefully. "Hey Rosemary!" she said, grinning like an idiot with a sugar rush...not anything new really, and not even noticing that her hair was as it always was. That is to say, all over the place. "Nice to see you still alive and kicking." Rosemary turned around to see Beka standing there. Beka pulled her out of her seat and into a welcome-back hug.

  • Bac for round two [Beka]Rosemary Stark, Tue Apr 22 04:54
    Rose watched her brother disapper with a roll of her eyes. He didnt know what he was missing when he decided go just skip a full week of getting to know RMI. Sure, last year itd been tuff for her... more
    • We'll be sure to make it the best! — Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Tue Apr 22 19:55
      • Breaking Things is... fun?Rose, Tue Apr 22 22:13
        Rose smiled up at Beka. Id be a little worried if I wasnt alive and kicking. she laughed before letting out a startled yelp as her friend pulled her into a hug, knocking her Chef Salad out of her ... more
        • Breaking things is my life!Beka Hiemer, Wed Apr 23 18:09
          Beka Hiemer really couldn't understand why she always managed to break things, even, especially if...she was trying to fix them. Her father could attest to that, and even keep a straight face ... more
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