Breaking Things is... fun?
Tue Apr 22, 2014 22:13

Rose smiled up at Beka. “I’d be a little worried if I wasn’t alive and kicking.” she laughed before letting out a startled yelp as her friend pulled her into a hug, knocking her Chef Salad out of her hand. She flinched as her food hit the ground, the leafs sprawling around the area. She decided it was a mess for later and hugged Beka back.

“I’m not surprised you’re over here.” she said with a roll of her eyes as she sat down and made room for her friend, having already forgotten about the salad mess. “I wouldn’t be suprised if you found a way to have a sleepover with Emily in the Draco dorm.” she blushed. Why couldn’t she just not suggest something? Knowing Beka she would find a way and then drag Rose and Emily along with her.

She grabbed two waters and handed one to Beka. “I wouldn’t suggest it though, you could get in more trouble than being over here at the wrong bonfire.” Rose said with a roll of her eyes. To be honest, she didn’t know if they could get in trouble for having friends in another house and wanting to hang out in their friends’ dorm after curfew.

“Are you going to try out for Quiddich and the Play this year? Last year was… exhilarating. Both the Play and the games.”

  • We'll be sure to make it the best!Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Tue Apr 22 19:55
    Beka Hiemer was running late...again. She had gotten up at dawn, ready and excited to be heading over to Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Enlightenment. (She didn't always call it its... more
    • Breaking Things is... fun? — Rose, Tue Apr 22 22:13
      • Breaking things is my life!Beka Hiemer, Wed Apr 23 18:09
        Beka Hiemer really couldn't understand why she always managed to break things, even, especially if...she was trying to fix them. Her father could attest to that, and even keep a straight face ... more
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