Carrick Pendergast
Well it's time to do more then admire!
Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:36

Carrick grinned widely when he saw the person he had spoken too was Aoife. The two had interacted some through their five years as classmates but really Carrick wondered why they didn’t interact more. After all they were a lot alike, both in their fifth years, both in Cetus, and both from Ireland. Sure, Aoife was a halfblood but everyone should know that Carrick wasn’t like some other Purebloods. He was one of the few who knew just how bad the unperfect had it in pureblood society.

Yet, a fellow Irish person would be no help in identifying the strange fruit he was holding gently. He glanced at and shrugged. “You haven’t tried anything new?” he asked a bit shocked. Carrick had a game with some house elves. Once a week he would recieve a dish he had never tried before sometimes it was the best thing he had ever eaten, other days it was the worst. Yet, it was always fun to try new things.

“Well then!” Carrick said as he set the fruit down on the plate and slice it in half. “You’ll be joining in me in trying this odd fruit!” he smiled at Aoife, sometimes people just needed a bit of a push into trying new things.

He picked up one half and slid the plate with the other half towards the Irish lass, “cheers?” he asked.

OOC: Just so you know the fruit is a mango!

  • I must admire your adventurous attitude Aoife McGuire, Tue Apr 22 16:42
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    • Well it's time to do more then admire! — Carrick Pendergast, Wed Apr 23 11:36
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