Jace Sullivan
No one notice me!
Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:43

Jace has enjoyed Orientation, the only time his emotions had gotten the best of him and changed something on him was when he was alone at night. The other morning he had woken up with platinum blonde curls. Now though, Jace’s eyes were changing from his everyday blue, to yellow and red and back again. He was nervous, he was going to have to walk in front of the whole school with crazy eyes. Why couldn’t they sort them alone and away from everyone?

Yet, here he was being lead like a lamb to the slaughter. He clutched his dreamcatcher so hard his knuckles were white. He wore black jeans, and a button down plaid shirt, the half blood stared at the floor. If the other students couldn’t see his eyes, then they couldn’t tell they were changing colors. As the Deputy Head spoke Jace just watched his dream catcher and it suddenly went from black to red. Red, red was for Draco. He glanced over and saw some people applauding and he walked over slowly.

At least he belonged somewhere, he thought as he sat down at the fire. He could breath again, his eyes were still changing but not as quickly. He breathed another sigh of relief when the food came in on trays. No one would be looking at the quiet kid at the Draco fire, the one with the crazy eyes, no all eyes would be on the trays.

Jace looked up and saw a tray of hot dogs pass by and he grabbed one and glanced away from everyone. Some one near him spoke and he forced himself to look up. “Yeah?” he asked gulping, waiting for them to mention how his eyes were changing colors, being a Metamorphmagus wasn’t easy, ever.

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    • No one notice me! — Jace Sullivan, Wed Apr 23 11:43
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