Beka Hiemer
Breaking things is my life!
Wed Apr 23, 2014 18:09

Beka Hiemer really couldn't understand why she always managed to break things, even, especially if...she was trying to fix them. Her father could attest to that, and even keep a straight face while doing so. He was truly a man of many graces and talents. So, with this in mind, it really isn't a surprise to anybody who knew her that she could break a salad plate by hugging her friend, though the guy at sitting down two tables to the left looked rather surprised. Maybe Beka was just imagining things. The broken plate (that a house elf immediately swooped in and picked up, bowing) was forgotten before Beka's seat had hit the chair across from Rosemary.

Rosemary really shouldn't have suggested dorm invasions. (Though that may not be what was actually said, that was certainly what Beka heard.) Cora, Brielle, and her had discovered that secret passage going into the Aquila dorm; was it really that much of a stretch to assume that their might be passages into the other dorms as well? Sleepover in the Draco that would be fun. The mischievous glint in Beka's eye that had flashed as Rosemary had said that was expertly turned into an innocent gleam, though honestly, it probably wasn't fooling anybody. Especially because Rosemary knew her. She would probably regret her suggestion in the weeks to come: if nothing else Beka would be dragging her friends through the passages of the school looking for a way into the other dormitories (and trying to convince her friends in other houses to let her into theirs.)

"Hmm..." Beka pondered, thinking over Rosemary's question. "Well," she said "I'll definitely be going out for Quidditch again; I wouldn't miss that for the world!" She flashed her trademark Beka-smile in Rosemary's general direction. "I wouldn't miss a chance to kick some other houses out of the running either." Beka gently poked fun at her friends (in her mind totally justifiably- they poked fun at her too) enough that these little teases weren't anything new.

The play...Beka had wanted to try out for it last year, but class schedules (a.k.a. skipping out on her homework one to many times) had prevented her from doing so. She probably would want to try this year; it had certainly looked fun (and rather chaotic) last year. And anything that could be described as chaotic was right up Beka's alley. "I'll probably end up going for the play, too." It struck Beka how was of Rosemary to be asking about the play already. "It looked like a lot of fun last year," Beka continued, traveling along this path of conversation, "and I'm certainly, 'a character!'"

As if to prove this last point to anyone who was in doubt, Beka slid backwards on her chair, throwing her arms wide in an exaggerated bow. least what would have been an exaggerated bow if Beka hadn't managed to hit a ledge on the floor and flip over backwards. She really couldn't help herself, she started laughing so hard that her ribs ached (shooing away any concerned staff members in the process, righting the chair and waving at it as if to show it was okay.)

  • Breaking Things is... fun?Rose, Tue Apr 22 22:13
    Rose smiled up at Beka. Id be a little worried if I wasnt alive and kicking. she laughed before letting out a startled yelp as her friend pulled her into a hug, knocking her Chef Salad out of her ... more
    • Breaking things is my life! — Beka Hiemer, Wed Apr 23 18:09
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