Thanks! I think I'll have a lot of fun here!
Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:02

"Oh yeah? Iím friends with your brother, Chris. Itís nice to meet you, Iím Arnold Bittleby.Ē

Arnold Bittleby? The younger girl didn't remember than name, though Chris wouldn't really talk about any of his friends, if he had any. Her older brother was pretty lame when it came to keeping a good social reputation, actually, now that she thought about it, so was her sister. Linden took Arnold's hand, letting a warm smile fill her face.

"Arnold? Yeah, I think Chris mentioned you," she said, taking slight pity on the Ceti. Arnold seemed perfectly nice, Linden couldn't think why Chris wouldn't want to show off his friend. The only person Chris actually talked about though was a girl called Alannah, who Linden had her mind set on meeting.

ďSo, I guess you already know a lot about RMI, huh? What are you most looking forward to this year?Ē

"Not really," replied the pureblood, shaking her head slightly "Chris and my older sister, Pam, aren't the chattiest of people. I won't bore you into going into great detail about them, I bet Christopher's done that already."

If only those two would just sort out their differences. They'd been awfully stiff around each other for a few years now, though Linden couldn't understand why as they shared many of the same qualities and though the younger sibling had one theory, it was not one she dared to think. Chris wouldn't shun out Pam because of that , he was to her and her... condition for years!

"As for this year," Linden said happily taking her mind of family drama "Honestly, I'm looking forward to everything! I bet the lessons are so fun, Pam said they're really fun and in your first year you share lessons with second and third years, so that means I'll be with you!"

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    Arnold raised his brows at the mention of the girlís name. He thought she looked familiar, but now that he knew she was a first year he didnít feel bad for not knowing her name. "Oh yeah? Iím friends ... more
    • Thanks! I think I'll have a lot of fun here! — Linden, Thu Apr 24 11:02
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