Well, I'm glad one of us is being cheerful.
Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:33

Pamela finally found Linden among the rest of the Ceti, she looked like she was chatting with some boy who couldn't have been much older than herself. The fifteen year old found her lips twitching, though she caught herself before she could properly smile. She was glad her little sister was, well, interacting. Her little sister was by far the best at social events then her brother and herself. Not that Pamela ever got the chance, with Oliver keeping strict orders for her to stay in her room, but Chris got to go to all the parties and the balls, after all he was the new heir to the wealthy Damon estate and large fortune. Oliver would find him a beautiful pureblooded wife, show him the ways of being a successful businessman and he just had to do what his step-father told him. He had his whole future set out for him, all Chris had to do was follow the golden breadcrumbs.

Linden was pretty much prepared as well, though Pamela doubted her little sister would be very willing to participate. Her sister was to energetic and independent to be married off and stuck in a big house all day ordering about house elves. Though that life wasn't ideal for any woman. Linden would sooner run away then give in to Oliver's master plan. Though in all honesty, Pam almost wished she had a future planned out for her. It had been a year since her step-father had told her that she wasn't going to be in the family much longer, a werewolf wasn't something Oliver wanted in his family. Turns out Oliver had to up keep his family's precious reputation of being one of the cleanest pureblood families in England. A werewolf was already poisoning the family tree and so once she turned of age, she would be disowned and turned out of the house. Pamela turned sixteen in December, which meant she had just over a year left. The thought was tearing her apart and the only defending her was her infant sister.

"Hallo," said an accented voice from her right, completely wrecking her train of thought. Turning to face the voice, Pam was then confronted by a younger boy, looking around second or third year. He had a large book in his hands, that to even Pam, an enthusiastic reader, looking very dull.

"Um, hi," she said with a small smile, quite pleased to being offered the chance of a normal conversation, unlike the consistent arguing that had gone on in the holidays. After pausing, Pamela realised she probably ought to say more.

"Um, I'm Pam," She tried to introduce herself. "Fifth year, you are?"

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    • Well, I'm glad one of us is being cheerful. — Pam, Thu Apr 24 11:33
      • I only hope my mood will be infectious Benjamin , Fri Apr 25 15:55
        Benjamin could not decide whether the girl was happy to have been interrupted from her thoughts by him. It seemed to him that she might be too polite to tell him to clear off and would rather be... more
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