Christopher Wrey
I can help! I mean, if you want...
Thu Apr 24, 2014 17:07

"Goodbye Mother, Father," The pureblood addressed his parents, then turning to his younger step-sister "Lucy."

Christopher tried to tame the coldness in his voice as he stared down with his bright blue eyes at the copper ones that were glowering up at him in distaste. The petite blonde was wearing a short purple dress and had her hair curled into small ringlets for occasion. His sister's thin pink lips were curled into a small smile that must have been concocted from honey and poison. Chris had no doubt in his mind that she couldn't wait to have the estate alone to herself for the first time in three years. It meant for Lucy precious moments with daddy, Chris could laugh humourlessly at his sister's naive determination of turning the tables. Oliver had made up his mind long ago on who would be the heir of the Damon legacy and he chose Christopher and the boy found himself growing more confident through the days. Even managing to confront Lucy about her fathers decision, though Christopher did find himself regretting it once Lucy's stiff expression changed to blind hate and she then proceeded to slap him across the face with the back of her hand. It had hurt and left a surprisingly large bruise across his groomed face, but Chris agreed to himself it was definitely worth it.

Landing with ease into the schools grounds, Christopher made his way to green fire. Oliver found out about his heir in Lyra and he took it surprisingly well, telling his son that one of his closest business partners had gone to RMI and had been a Lyra. The fact made Christopher more confident in his house and he hoped to win his place back in his Quidditch house team after Oliver congratulated him.

Sitting down, he watched Linden being sorted, some part of him almost hoped she'd be in Lyra, but Linden was no musician and she ended up in Cetus which Chris approved of as a good match. Christopher had just turned to get some food from a house elf, when he heard from the opposite direction,

“Good summer?”


Turning around he had seen Alannah Pendergast in all her beauty. Christopher would be lying if he said he hadn't talked about he to the family, to the point were Linden teased him about going on a manhunt for her around the school. But Linden wouldn't dare do such a thing.

"I, er, mean, hi, Alannah," The Lyra tried to play it off "Yeah yeah, my summer was good, yeah good."

A complete and utter lie.

"What about you? I bet yours was way more interesting then mine."

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    • I can help! I mean, if you want... — Christopher Wrey, Thu Apr 24 17:07
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