I only hope my mood will be infectious
Fri Apr 25, 2014 15:55

Benjamin could not decide whether the girl was happy to have been interrupted from her thoughts by him. It seemed to him that she might be too polite to tell him to clear off and would rather be doing anything but talking to him. Still, the conversation had been started now and he was unwilling to back down when it had taken so much out of him to approach her in the first place. With effort he raised his voice to an audible level and replied, “Pleasure to er- be meeting you Pam.” He nodded his head with every intention of bowing politely before realising he was sitting cross legged on the floor.

“My name is Benjamin,” he continued pronouncing the fourth letter of his name with a Y sound, “ dis is my...third year.”

It was strange to think that even in such a small people were divided heavily by social groups and his and Pam’s paths had not crossed. Then again she was much older than he and the Draco often found girl’s of Pam’s age intimidating. He blamed Charline for this because although he loathed to admit it she could be quite domineering and frightening at times. He set the book aside, now fed up with it altogether, his hopes of becoming a straight O student all but dashed. Yet, as his bright blue orbs stared intently at the girl opposite him, Benjamin found he was no longer very invested or interested in furthering his academic career. “You may be knowing my sister, Charline? I is tinking she is your age an-” he abruptly broke off. His thoughts moving swiftly away from his sister.

For the first time he took a moment to properly study Pam. The German was not normally one for noticing things but when something or in this case someone caught his interest it was a different story. She was quite pretty and this thought made him blush, unconsciously. However, it was her sickly appearance that most captured his attention. Already he felt an attachment to her and this breed feelings of concern. His eyes were now wide and his mouth gaping open slightly.

Often blunt and tactless, Benjamin could not help himself and blurted out, “You are not well, you are ill?” Shuffling closer to her, he automatically reached out to feel her skin.

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    • I only hope my mood will be infectious — Benjamin , Fri Apr 25 15:55
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