Krystal Baitman
How come?
Sat Apr 26, 2014 01:03

Krystal had picked up last year that the time at RMI was vastly different to what it was in the UK. However, she had never figured out the precise maths of it. She knew that the start of term was somewhere after midnight her time because last year that had been when she'd fallen asleep, still waiting. That hadn't stopped her anxiously carrying her dream catcher around for most of the day, afraid that the system would have changed, or that she didn't understand it right, and that she was going to miss going back to school. She felt guilty for admitting that she wanted to. Not that she loved everything about school but she had been a virtual prisoner over the summer. The kids around her estate were borderline afraid of her. She wasn't sure where the rumour had started but it had become pretty much accepted fact that she'd been sent to the PRU. The Pupil Referral Unit. The place they sent drop outs who'd been excluded too many times and weren't considered safe to be in a normal school. Whilst the thought of breaking certain teachers noses had definitely crossed her mind, even she had never gone as far as the kids in those places. Most of her outbursts tended to be verbal. Still, it wasn't like she could tell them the truth, and it was the most logical explanation for her not having shown up at the local comprehensive with the rest of them, in a bottle green sweater, a badly knotted tie and a skirt with the waistband folded over until it was indecently short. The few that had been willing engage with her had soon been put off by her lack of knowledge of pop culture. How had she missed that song? It had been EVERYWHERE and was the shizz! Was she kidding? What did she mean 'who's so and so?' Apparently the time she'd been in school was enough time to miss the meteoric rise and spectacular, nightclub-brawl fall of the latest big celeb.

So, she'd either roamed the streets on her own, or been stuck at home with her mum, who seemed to borderline hate her right now. Predictably enough, she'd broken up with Daryll shortly after Christmas. And Krystal had featured heavily in the arguments that had led to it.... The evening after Daryll left, her mum had been drowning her sorrows. That, combined with her turbulent emotions had been what led to her loss of control over her magic and the house fire. So, Krystal had been the catalyst for the break up, which had been the catalyst for the fire. Her mum had escaped the full wrath of the ministry but they'd put the trace back on her and she was supposed to do some course on controlling her magic to show she was sorry. So, magic was a sore point, and so was Krystal herself. Any time she had cause for complaint, her mum brought it back round this – how she had stuck up for her to Daryll, how she had basically chosen Krystal over him, so the least she could do was be grateful.

She had gone to bed around midnight again, her dream catcher clutched tightly in her hand, and been jerked awake when it activated. She landed in a graceless heap on the floor of the diner. She was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, which were rather crumpled from lying on them (and from the fact they'd never been ironed in the first place), and her hair was messed up. She began to redo it as she made her way over to the Aquila fire. There were some aspects of her appearance she cared about. Luckily she hadn't slept on her make up, so that wasn't too smudged. In addition to the foundation and mascara she'd worn last year, she was wearing a fairly eyeballing eye-shadow. Between that, her foundation and the dim lighting, she hoped the traces of her black eye wouldn't be visible. She'd got in a couple of fights with the kids who had been nasty about her being at the PRU (which, needless to say, hadn't really helped buck the theory).

She sat near the fire, looking forward to the food that was about to arrive. She knew she'd have to search hard to find something that she recognised but it would be there and would be plentiful. Her stomach rumbled in anticipation. As the elves piled in, she scanned the plates, glad for the advantage given by the fact that she could still see the tops of them easily even when sitting down. When some pizza came by, she eagerly grabbed a couple of slices, though she was disappointed to find that it was covered in weird vegetables instead of something edible like pepperoni. She settled back down into her place, not even noticing as she jostled the person next to her, and began picking the offence things off.

“I guess...” she responded non-committally when the other person complimented the fire. She personally found grey fire a bit weird and not all that nice to look at, besides the fact that she didn't exactly view fire as comforting right now, so much as potentially damaging and destructive. She recognised the other girl as Brielle. They had small classes and she at least knew who everyone was even if she didn't know much about them. Brielle hung out a lot with Becca, the only person Krystal had really clicked with last year, though she wasn't sure it had developed into a proper friendship. Probably cos Brielle kept stealing her. Krystal's instinctive reaction to Brielle was, therefore, one of dislike and jealousy. But she knew Becca liked Brielle more than her, so if she fought with the other girl, they'd just go off together and leave her out. Krystal wasn't always the best at putting herself in other people's shoes, or controlling her own feelings even if it was the sensible thing to do. However, she knew enough of playground politics to know how a group of girls would act, and what would make her an outsider.

“How are you?” she asked, a little awkwardly. She wasn't really great at small talk.

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