Calvin Marcus
Returning from an adventurous summer
Sat Apr 26, 2014 19:51

Cal walked into the Diner feeling excited for the new school year after an eventful summer. He had visited Aoife and her parents in Ireland, which made for his first trip ever out of the United States. Aoife and her parents lived right outside of a rural village, and there were quite a few sheep running around. There were sheep back home in Texas, too, but the landscape of Ireland was so different and fascinating. He had been pretty nervous about meeting Aoife’s parents. As Aoife was his first girlfriend, he didn’t have any experience with this sort of thing. Thankfully, her parents were friendly and they seemed to like him. Cal and Aoife had been dating for about two years now, and he had felt kind of bad for waiting so long to meet her parents. It was good to finally take that next step.

After Cal had returned from Ireland, he and his family had toured a few Muggle colleges. Although he was currently attending a magical school, he was thinking about going to a Muggle college for pre-medicine. He visited the University of Texas, Austin College, and Texas A&M University to get a feel for some in-state schools. It was very cool to walk around the campuses and talk to current students. George, the student leading the tour that Cal and his family went on at Texas A&M, happened to be taking pre-med courses, so he was able to provide Cal with a wealth of information. Cal had returned from the tours feeling excited about the future.

Now that he was back at RMI for his sixth year, Cal would be able to take advanced classes for the first time. After the initial adjustment to magical life as a first year, Cal had more or less skated through his classes at RMI. However, he knew that his professors would expect a lot more from their advanced students, and he was ready to meet those expectations.

Cal smiled as he watched Dev run over to the Lyra fire to catch up with his House-mates. Even though Dev had started RMI a year late, it still seemed crazy that his younger brother was already a third year. Cal would be graduating next year and then going off to college, and unfortunately, he wouldn’t get to hang out with Dev as much. Cal was confident that Dev would do just fine without him, though. After all, Dev’s grades had improved last term and he didn’t have to rely on Cal as much for tutoring. Cal didn’t mind helping his brother, but he was glad that Dev was having more success on his own.

Soon after Cal sat down at the red fire, the Deputy Headmaster began delivering the welcoming speech. Once he was finished and the house elves had appeared, Cal looked around for an appetizing meal. Spotting a tray of some sort of soup, he asked the house elf what it was. The elf explained that it was shrimp wonton noodle soup. Cal had never tried it before, but he liked shrimp, so he figured he would give it a taste. He took the soup and thanked the elf.

Cal took his first sip of the soup, finding it a bit underwhelming but not awful. He turned to the person next to him and smiled. “Hi,” he greeted them. “How was your summer?”

  • DRACO BONFIRE (nm)Deputy Head de Villiers, Sat Apr 19 21:51
    • Returning from an adventurous summer — Calvin Marcus, Sat Apr 26 19:51
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