Brielle Hawkins
Late Acceptance Last Year
Sat Apr 26, 2014 20:29

"I'm alright, thanks," Brielle replied with a small smile, then looked back to the bonfire. Even though she'd said the fire was nice, she was just trying to start up a conversation. The gray flame bothered her because she didn't know if it was actually gray since that was an Aquila color or if it was a normal colored flame but she couldn't see it because of her red-to-yellow color blindness (any red, orange, or yellow color would appear anywhere from gray to white based on the shade of the color). She guessed the former option after looking around at the other bonfires and realizing that they were the colors of their respective houses.

The girl who'd bumped into Brielle was familiar, and she imagined that she'd had some classes with her last year. Brielle thought Krystal was her name, but she wasn't completely sure. She also thought she'd seen Krystal with Beka a few times. They were probably good friends, whereas she and Beka were only friendly, meaning they talked a few times and were nice to each other, but they weren't super duper close. Beka was close with pretty much everyone, though, so Brielle imagined that her friendship with Beka was nothing special whereas whenever she saw Krystal, she'd been with Beka. Brielle wished she had been closer with Beka -- and maybe even Krystal -- last year, but her social anxiety got in the way. This year would be different, Brielle was determined to make more friends. She really was.

"How're you?" Brielle asked with the same small smile. She knew Krystal wasn't the most social person; she could tell by just observing her with Beka. If Beka started talking to someone else, Krystal hadn't seemed comfortable. At least that was one similarity they had -- neither of them liked other people. Maybe that would make for a good match and they'd become friends...? Brielle could only hope.

  • How come?Krystal Baitman, Sat Apr 26 01:03
    Krystal had picked up last year that the time at RMI was vastly different to what it was in the UK. However, she had never figured out the precise maths of it. She knew that the start of term was... more
    • Late Acceptance Last Year — Brielle Hawkins, Sat Apr 26 20:29
      • AhhKrystal Baitman, Sat May 3 01:34
        M'ok, Krystal responded. Occasionally, she would drop things into conversations by accident that other people found shocking, not really realising how controversial they were because, for her, they ... more
        • Re: AhhBrielle Hawkins, Thu May 8 19:46
          "Nah, not hungry," Brielle lied. The truth was, she was hungry, but all summer in her foster home, Evan had made fun of her for eating a lot while going through her growth spurt. Typically, these... more
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