Prior Forbs
I think you might be the wrong type of guy to wish for that.
Sun Apr 27, 2014 20:48

Prior Forbs wasn't as pleased as he could have been with the results of the week long orientation. He had prodded, pried, asked questions, and tried to get answers, and even at the end of this long, tiresome, disappointing week he still had almost no more information now about RMI than he had received at the point when he had gotten the news that he was a wizard (which, all in all, would explain a lot of unexplainable things in Prior's life.) Learning the truth about the oddness in his life had come as a shock, but, as inexplicable as this might seem to lesser minds, not a surprise.

In truth, Prior now knew a lot more about RMI than his exasperated mind now realized. In the past week he had learned about the house system, several of the different branches of magic, and had met (if only briefly) most of his new classmates, not to mention that he now knew his way to several of the more important areas in the school. Prior, however, had a thirsting for knowledge that could very often not be appeased, and it often seemed to him that he had known something forever that somebody had explained to him less then five minutes before, on the grounds that the information that he had been given was common sense. His...acquaintances...found mostly found this habit of his profoundly annoying.

With all this in mind, anybody that knew Prior would not be surprised that he had ended up in Draco, despite his odd little like for acting that many people would automatically paint as a Lyra trait. In fact, if you were unaware of this fact at all, the fact that Prior had anything in common with any of the Lyras was laughable. The fact that Prior had been sorted with the 'geniuses' (as Prior certainly viewed himself as, even if he was perhaps doubtful of the mental continuity of the rest of the house) was no surprise to him. And it made him rather infuriatingly pleased with himself.

As he strutted over to join the red fire- an almost unnatural shade of red, despite the automatic connection with the color red to a fire- he put on his most open expression. After the tension of Orientation (and the fact that her mentor was anything but relaxed herself) the freeness he felt of knowing that at least the next day wouldn't be filled with 'go here's and 'do that's was a rather relaxing sensation. His open, friendly face was lit in a light snarky-smile and his strawberry blonde hair was not meticulously combed, as it usually was. In fact, he didn't look anywhere near as nice as he usually took care to be. He found that his normal suit and tie (or at least nice shirt and dress shoes) put people off, and seemed to be a stopper for information. He supposed he might be more relaxed in his regular clothes. He did keep it well-groomed however, as he was wearing a button down shirt, converse shoes, and jeans. (He had made a mental note to pack many more pairs of jeans next year, as he found himself wearing and re-wearing the one pair that he had packed.) His sharp blue eyes seeped the fire.

Just as he was getting into his stride, he managed to stumble. He surreptitiously cursed to himself, brushing off his clothes (though absolutely no dirt had gotten on to them) and pausing for a moment. He glanced around, hopping nobody had seen him- it could do wonders for one's bad image if they tripped in front of a quite appallingly large troop of people. After having confirmed that anybody that had seen it didn't seem to care, he was about to head over to one of the tables by the fire when he heard a small voice beside him say, "Yeah?"

Turning to look at the person who had been sitting nearby, Prior was confused for a second. He hadn't addressed the kid (as Prior thought of almost everybody his own age) and this boy whom Prior had remembered seeing around orientation didn't seem particularly brilliant. Prior's opinion of his new found house dropped a couple of notches. Prior realized the boy must have thought his curse was directed towards him, or something of that sort. "Oh, it was nothing," he responded and was about to move on when the boy in front of him looked up. Prior's jaw tightened: he could have sworn the boys eyes had just changed color. (Some magical disease, the teachers would have taken him to see the nurse, and certainly wouldn't have allowed him to go to the opening feast if it was contagious.)

Abandoning his movements to head towards the older children, whose intelligence may actually have been more on par with his own, he sat down next to this new curiosity. "Did your eyes just change color?" Prior asked. He could have sworn they had, but the shifting lights of the four fires made it hard to tell. "Oh!" he continued, remembering that he had not introduced himself, "I'm Prior Forbs. I think I've seen you around orientation...Jace right?"

  • No one notice me!Jace Sullivan, Wed Apr 23 11:43
    Jace has enjoyed Orientation, the only time his emotions had gotten the best of him and changed something on him was when he was alone at night. The other morning he had woken up with platinum blonde ... more
    • I think you might be the wrong type of guy to wish for that. — Prior Forbs, Sun Apr 27 20:48
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