Deputy Head de Villiers
Dracos, step Quickly (Tag Draco first years)
Mon Apr 28, 2014 20:47

Emilian de Villiers finished his meal, and nodded at the other staff members gathered at the fire before standing up and heading over to the Draco fire. Once the Deputy Head, and newly promoted Head of Draco arrived at the students gathered. “First years.” he called in his thick French accent. “Come over here first years!”

He waited and looked over at the students gathered in front of him, the French Pureblood wasn’t too happy with the house he was in charge of but he would do it to the best of his abilities. Once, all the students were gathered Emilian moved them into the much quieter, entrance hall.

“Welcome to RMI first years!” He said a small smirk playing on his face. “As you should know I am your Deputy Headmaster, Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, and your Draco head of house Emilian de Villiers. While we walk please keep your eyes and ears open and try to remember how to get to Draco. Eventually, you won’t even think about how to get back and forth.” With those words he led the group out into the main halls of RMI.

He walked slowly towards the Draco House pointing out little landmarks that would help the first years remember their way to their commons. Once they arrived outside of the entrance Emilian paused and pointed to the window with a breathtaking view of the Rockies. “This is the entryway to Draco House, sure right now it looks just like a window but remember we are underground, this is just a charm. You’ll only gain access to Draco with the correct password, which this month is Dragon Eggs..”

Emilain paused and swallowed. “If you just take one small step down while enjoying the view you’ll be in the common room.” With that he stepped in and waited for the first years to join him.

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